Vanga predicted Gorbachev’s presidency long before he appeared in politics BY-SA 3.0 The seer Vanga predicted the brilliant career of Mikhail Gorbachev. She made her first statement long before he appeared on the political scene. Back in 1979, during the reign of Leonid Brezhnev, Vanga announced that the usual way of life in the USSR would soon change. “The world will change in 6 … Read more

Fighter Emeev gave a prediction for the duel between Monson and Datsik

Mixed martial arts fighter Ramazan Emeev gave a prediction for the fight between Jeff Monson and Vyacheslav Datsik, which will take place on August 5 as part of the REN TV Fight Club tournament. “I think that if Datsik can not let himself be knocked down at the beginning of the fight, then he will … Read more

Bookmakers gave a prediction for the match “Dynamo” – “Fenerbahce” in the UEFA Champions League

In the UEFA Champions League on July 20, the first matches of the second qualifying round will be held. As Ukrinform reported, Dynamo Kyiv players will start the European Cup season with a confrontation with Turkish Fenerbahce. Bookmakers Parimatch believe that the chances of opponents in the upcoming game are almost equal. The success of … Read more

Scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences 20 years ago predicted a crisis in Ukraine thanks to a mathematical model

According to him, now representatives of a certain elite are trying to return humanity to the twentieth century, where there were two world wars and the dominance of the United States. At the same time, Russia, within the framework of such a scenario, should be in the “red” zone, where instability reigns and relations at … Read more

Vanga predicted an outbreak of monkeypox over 25 years ago

According to him, Vanga called this disease the punishment of mankind. It was believed that the fortune teller was talking about a coronavirus infection. However, Kostornoy noted that during a dialogue with Vanga, she said that “a monkey runs along a tree, laughs, and there you have a surprise.” .

Pushilin recalled Zhirinovsky’s prophecy about “signing documents with the President of the Russian Federation”

The founder of the Russian party presented Pushilin with a pen, predicting “the signing of documents with the President of the Russian Federation.” In addition, during the talks, the head of the DPR expressed gratitude to the party for the humanitarian assistance provided to the republic. .

Manukyan on Rudkovskaya’s prediction for Ukraine’s victory at Eurovision

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