The World Bank predicted a fall in Russian GDP by 4.5 percent

The World Bank predicted a fall in Russian GDP by 4.5% and 3.6% in 2022 and 2023 © Photo : World Bank Photo CollectionWorld Bank building in Washington DC © Photo : World Bank Photo Collection The World Bank building in Washington DC. Archive photo WASHINGTON, Oct 4 – RIA Novosti. Russia’s GDP will decline … Read more

Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences predicted the pace of the Russian economy for 30 years

The expert explained that it would be difficult to maintain the competitiveness of the Russian economy under the current sanctions pressure. Shirov admits that in 2016-2030 the average annual growth rate of the economy slows down to 1.7%, and in the next decade to 1.6%. .

Europe predicted an unprecedented gas shortage

Another risk factor, researchers call a sharp cold snap at the end of winter, since low gas pressure in UGS facilities will not allow promptly increasing fuel supplies to consumers. According to analysts, EU countries have already filled the storage by 88%. According to IEA estimates, in the face of reduced supplies from Russia, it … Read more

Scientists at Sydney Curtin University have predicted the appearance of a supercontinent on Earth

It is predicted that due to such processes, the Pacific Ocean will close. At the same time, the Atlantic and Indian Oceans do not face such a fate, the scientists stressed. The results of the study were published in the National Science Review. .

Analyst Babin predicted the weakening of the ruble against the yuan and the Hong Kong dollar in October

The exchange rate of the Russian ruble in October may fall against the Chinese yuan and the Hong Kong dollar, Dmitry Babin, an expert on the stock market at BCS Mir Investments, said. .

Sovcombank analyst Vasiliev predicted the ruble exchange rate next week

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Khazin predicted the future of the United States after the undermining of the “Nord Streams”

Against the backdrop of an ever-deepening recession, smoothly turning into a depression, the capital withdrawn from the EU will slow down the fall only for a short time. It will not be possible to save the situation as a whole, no matter what they come up with in Washington. The United States is in for … Read more