Murashko pointed out the need to decriminalize medical practice

Federal News Agency It is necessary to decriminalize medical activity in Russia so that workers in this field cannot be prosecuted. This was stated by the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko. Often, doctors have to work with very complex patients, where prompt decision-making is required. Fearing persecution, they convene councils and … Read more

The United States uses the practice of proxy

Dmitry Kulikov believes that Russia, in its confrontation with the United States, should deprive the Americans of proxy war tactics. Americans can use proxy practice. Zelensky and the Ukrainian Nazis absolutely agree with this. Dmitry Kulikov, a member of the Zinoviev Club of the Rossiya Segodnya media group, said this in the program “Evening with … Read more

Disposable waste of the population // Ministry of Natural Resources proposes not to change the base for calculating tariffs for garbage collection

The Ministry of Natural Resources has published drafts of two regulations that fundamentally change approaches to the formation of the basic document in the field of municipal solid waste (MSW) management – the federal scheme and change the rules for determining waste accumulation standards in favor of calculated rather than actual data. This change can … Read more

Experts – about the partial liberalization of the Criminal Code

The business and expert community is counting on finalizing the project of the Ministry of Justice. “There is a whole group of offenses in the Criminal Code and a group of offenses in the Code of Administrative Offenses, which actually describe the same actions (they only qualify them differently). These are, for example, article 146 … Read more

Social order expands its path // The Ministry of Finance summed up the results of a profile pilot

As follows from the speech of Deputy Minister of Finance Alexei Lavrov at the relevant All-Russian seminar-conference in Ufa, the department is satisfied with the practice of using social certificates in the Russian Federation to pay for services in this area and is ready to expand the scope of social contracting. To do this, the … Read more

Consistency with unreasonableness

Experts state that the situation with the prosecution of concerted actions in the market is interesting: in fact, in practice, this offense is not used and to some extent is replaced by the prosecution of anti-competitive agreements, as well as the coordination of economic activities. As BGP Litigation lawyer Ilya Kozhevnikov notes, in order to … Read more

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia extended the rules of good manufacturing practice

MOSCOW, July 16 – The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia has extended the rules of good manufacturing practice (GMP) for medical products, the ministry said in a statement.   © / Konstantin Mikhalchevsky – Pharmacist in a pharmacy. Archive photo GMP – rules that establish requirements for manufacturers of medicines. “The Ministry of … Read more