Turkish Foreign Ministry assured of complete provision of the population with energy resources in winter

He acknowledged that due to high inflation in Turkey, energy resources have risen in price significantly. Thus, the price of gas purchased from Moscow has increased three to four times for Ankara, Cavusoglu specified, speaking at a conference on the foreign policy of the republic. At the same time, Russia covers about 44% of the … Read more

The authorities of Kyiv will convert the metro into a point of temporary residence of the population during the blackout

He expressed hope that the worst-case scenario could be avoided. However, Klitschko urged the people of Kyiv to be ready for such an option. According to the mayor, due to damage to Ukraine’s infrastructure this winter, the country’s population may “be left without light, heat and water.” .

Real incomes of the population in 75 regions decreased in the third quarter

FBA “Economy Today” Tatyana Tirskikh, director of the group of sovereign ratings of the Expert RA agency, said that in the third quarter, in 75 regions of Russia, real incomes of citizens decreased. “According to the results of the third quarter of this year, the real cash income of the population is 97.6% of the … Read more

Miroshnik spoke about the distraction of the Ukrainian population by anti-Russian rhetoric

Sounded on Thursday, December 1, anti-Russian statements distract the Ukrainian population from problems within the country. This was told by the former ambassador of the Luhansk People’s Republic in Moscow, Rodion Miroshnik. In his opinion, such statements are needed in order to divert the attention of the population from failures on the battlefield and draw … Read more

electoral mobilization in Ukraine is designed to exterminate the Russian population

At the same time, Kyiv is not afraid that the Russian-speaking population will turn their weapons against it, since for 30 years the consciousness of the people has been constantly distorted, and the punitive machine has carried out effective repressions, the source of the FAN believes. .

In the Kuban, additional measures have been taken to support the life support systems of the population

Vladimir Lybanev, chairman of the WGW committee on industry, construction and housing and communal services, reported on this issue. Considered in the second reading, the bill will expand the number of recipients of state support measures. For this purpose, objects of processing, recycling, neutralization and disposal of municipal solid waste will be attributed to the … Read more