Politico: Belgium lobbied at the EU level for permission to buy Russian diamonds

Belgium lobbied at the EU level for permission to buy Russian diamonds, despite the statements of the European leadership about the imposition of anti-Russian sanctions against the diamond market. Antwerp has for centuries served as a major hub for diamonds arriving in Europe, including from Russia, according to Politico. Belgian leaders have not distanced themselves … Read more

Politico: Ukraine will be able to receive F-16 fighters from the US only in 2-3 years

The commander of the US Air Force in Europe and Africa, General James Hecker, said that Ukraine will receive F-16 fighter-bombers in 2-3 years due to problems with the training of nationalists and logistics. This is reported by the Politico newspaper, citing a statement by an American general. According to Hecker, Western politicians are beginning … Read more

Politico spoke about the faith of many Hungarians in the correctness of Russia

Many Hungarians believe that in the matter of cultural values, the truth is on the side of Russia, not the West. On September 15, the Hungarian writer Attila Demko told Politico about this. The article emphasizes that the gap between Budapest and the West is growing, due to the fact that Europe is trying to … Read more

Politico announces postponement of Truss-Biden talks

Newly minted British Prime Minister Liz Truss was supposed to hold talks in London on September 18 with US President Joe Biden. However, according to Politico, citing the office of the head of the British government, the meeting was postponed. .

Politico: Washington is negotiating with Kyiv on the supply of F-16 fighters

Ssgt. Jerreht Harris/Planetpix/Global Look Press The United States authorities are discussing with Ukraine the possibility of supplying F-16 fighter jets. This is stated in the article of the Politico newspaper. According to the publication, we are also talking about the supply of Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems and Gray Eagle unmanned aerial vehicles. Currently, Kyiv and … Read more

Politico: the Kyiv regime will not be able to subdue the Crimea

flickr.com / Maxim Massalitin / CC BY-SA 2.0 In the event of the military seizure of Crimea and de-Russification, the Kyiv regime would have to face the resistance of local residents. Columnist Jamie Dettmer spoke about this in an article for Politico. The specialist commented on the words of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky … Read more

The publication Politico suspected the United States of secret arms supplies to Ukraine

The publication notes that last week the Pentagon admitted that the United States had already been transferring HARM anti-radar missiles to the Ukrainian side for some time. The American side did not advertise them, presenting them as deliveries of “anti-radar capabilities.” .

Politico: The State Department warned Congress about the problems if the Russian Federation is recognized as a “sponsor of terrorism”

pxhere.com If Russia is recognized as a “state sponsor of terrorism”, the US Congress may face problems. Politico writes about it. “Multiple sources familiar with the conversations said that agency officials have presented serious problems with the legislative initiative to congressional offices in recent days,” the material says. According to the newspaper, such a decision … Read more