Ambassador Stepanov described Russia’s relations with Canada as “politically virtual”

The diplomat said that in connection with the Ukrainian crisis, many Canadian universities began to close the departments of Russian studies. Russian-Canadian relations are devoid of any economic, humanitarian or academic contacts. According to Stepanov, “now it’s not just some pro-Russian things, but it’s simply forbidden to give an objective picture about Russia behind the … Read more

Polyansky accused IT giants of being politically biased

TASS/ John Minchillo/ AP Western social networks have long been politically biased and block any dissent. This was stated by Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Dmitry Polyansky. According to him, Russia has been drawing public attention to the fact that social networks are not an independent tool for several years. … Read more

CYBER FRONT Z will help Russian youth become more politically literate

The headquarters of CYBER FRONT Z continues its work in St. Petersburg. The number of subscribers of the movement in social networks has already exceeded 100 thousand people. Nevertheless, according to the participants of today’s meeting, our response to the West should be more active. The main problem is the inertia of some Russians, especially … Read more

“Politically insignificant”: Bruter on the referendum in Ukraine that Zelensky wants to hold

The United States will not allow military action in Ukraine to stop. About it in an interview FAN said political scientist at the International Institute for Policy Studies Vladimir Bruter. In his opinion, the Ukrainian authorities, under pressure from Washington, are avoiding making decisions on making peace with Russia, offering deliberately unrealistic conditions for holding … Read more

Russia in the WTO: politically motivated embargoes threaten the global trading system

Federal News Agency Anti-Russian restrictive measures taken for political reasons pose a threat to the global trading system. This was stated by the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the World Trade Organization (WTO). In particular, the Russian permanent mission blames some countries that are members of the WTO for this. Instead of normalizing … Read more