Polish authorities will encourage saving electricity by providing a discount

pxhere.com The Polish government will give a discount on electricity to those who reduce the consumption of this resource by 10%, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said at a meeting of the National Development Council. In addition, the Polish Cabinet of Ministers ordered the state administration, as well as representatives of local authorities, to bring electricity … Read more

Polish Foreign Ministry recommended citizens to refuse any trips to Russia

The Polish Foreign Ministry has advised its citizens to refrain from any travel to Russia. On Tuesday, September 27, the department announced on its Twitter account. “Any travel is not recommended, including for professional purposes and for urgent family matters,” the agency wrote. The ministry also reminded that air traffic between Poland and Russia has … Read more

Polish PGNiG hopes to survive the heating season thanks to the capacities of Baltic Pipe

The Polish energy company PGNiG announced its intention to use all the capacities of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline, laid from the Norwegian shelf, to provide consumers with gas during the heating season. .

Polish President Duda demanded that Russia pay reparations to Ukraine

According to the head of the republic, this is due to the conduct of a special military operation in Ukraine. At the same time, Duda hinted that Poland was waiting for war reparations from Germany. The President recalled the country’s losses in World War II. He announced this at the 77th session of the UN … Read more

Polish Foreign Ministry accused Germany of deliberately delaying military assistance to Kyiv

The head of the Foreign Ministry noted that Poland is categorically against Germany’s desire to take a leadership position in the EU. At the same time, according to Rau, in the light of the Ukrainian crisis, Poland has moved to the position of a key country for Europe, providing active assistance to the “square”. .

Speaker of the State Duma Volodin urged to study the words of Polish President Duda about reparations from Russia

According to Volodin, the supervisory authorities need to consider Duda’s words and take appropriate measures to bring the President of Poland to criminal responsibility. Earlier, the head of state supported the proposal to demand compensation from Russia. .

The Polish Parliament adopted a resolution calling on the Federal Republic of Germany to compensate for the damage from the Second World War

418 officials voted for the adoption of the initiative, four deputies did not agree with the resolution, 15 abstained, 22 did not participate in the vote. In the text of the document, the parliament asks Germany to “unconditionally assume political, historical, legal and financial responsibility.” .