Russian citizens restricted entry to Poland The Polish government has restricted entry into the country for Russians through sea and air border checkpoints. The corresponding order came into force on the territory of the republic. Earlier, the Polish authorities restricted entry into the country for Russians on foot and automobile checkpoints. It is noted that now sea and air carriers … Read more

Poland’s ruling party wants to get rid of Prime Minister Morawiecki

In Poland, they started talking about the possible resignation of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who allowed the emergence of an energy crisis in the country. The corresponding discussion unfolded in the ruling Law and Justice party, reported. .

WSJ: Americans are repairing HIMARS installations delivered to Kyiv remotely, being in Poland

Western weapons damaged by Russian missiles have to be repaired remotely, using specially protected messengers, Moskovsky Komsomolets writes with reference to The Wall Street Journal. This process is led by American specialists who are in Poland. Even the exact number of Americans is named – 55 people. Repairmen’s dialogues are conducted on the pages of … Read more

The Poles suddenly realized who really needs to present reparation claims

Gorodnenko, in turn, noted that the Poles themselves suddenly realized that the country’s government was making the wrong foreign policy decisions. Warsaw, blaming Russia, is making a serious mistake. The Polish authorities should draw the right conclusions and refuse to support Ukraine, remembering the historical events taking place during the Second World War. .