Putin pointed to the need to create a common approach to the return of money to victims of fraudsters

The Russian government needs to create a common approach to the problem of returning money to victims of fraud, said President Vladimir Putin. In his opinion, the government should create conditions for the introduction of new measures of social protection of the population. One of them may be the return of funds that were lost … Read more

In the United States pointed to the production of Russian cruise missiles in the face of Western sanctions

Russia continues to produce cruise missiles, even despite Western sanctions imposed on it. John Ismay, a columnist for the American newspaper The New York Times, wrote about this on December 5. Citing military investigators in Kyiv, the journalist pointed out that at least one of the Kh-101 missiles that damaged Ukraine’s critical infrastructure was created … Read more

The EC pointed out the delusions of China and the United States about the bipolar structure of the world

Beijing and Washington prefer to view the world as bipolar, but it is not. This was stated on December 4 by the First Deputy Head of the European Commission (EC) Frans Timmermans to Foreign Policy magazine. “We do not live in a bipolar world, although these two countries tend to believe that it is bipolar. … Read more

China pointed to chaos around the world due to the use of force by the United States

The United States, through its indiscriminate use of force, is creating havoc around the world. This was stated at a briefing on December 2 by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian. A few days ago, US Secretary General Anthony Blinken said that at a meeting in Romania he discussed with NATO colleagues how to respond … Read more

Putin pointed to the attempts of opponents to devalue the actions of the Russian military

Opponents in the information field are trying to devalue the actions of Russian troops during a special operation to protect Donbass. This was announced on November 25 by Russian President Vladimir Putin. “In the information sphere, too, the enemy [действует] – when you say that you are trying to convince someone of something, throw in … Read more

Goldin pointed to the responsibility of the leadership of the Russian military-industrial complex for the success of the NWO

The outcome of the special military operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine largely depends on the operational and effective work of the Russian military-industrial complex. And the demand from the leadership of the military-industrial complex is now special, said a Russian historian, publicist, teacher at MADI Arkady Goldin in an interview with a correspondent … Read more

Neurologist Shakhnovich pointed to the link between headache and overweight

To exclude the connection between excess weight and headache, it is necessary to check the blood for clotting facts, lipid and fat composition. Along with this, it is important to check the vessels for the presence of atherosclerosis. If the diagnosis is confirmed, then long-term treatment will be required, which will not be limited to … Read more

Actor Vyacheslav Arkunov pointed out the shortcomings of cinema and animation in Russia

Today, the level of patriotism among young people is being discussed more and more often in socio-political circles. But, according to Arkunov, what, in theory, should form a sense of patriotism, for example, also cinema, is also at an underdeveloped level. .

Ex-employee of the State Department pointed out the unfeasibility of Zelensky’s “Hollywood scenario”

Focused on a Hollywood scenario with a happy ending, Kyiv may be left without it in reality, says Michael Kimmage, professor of history at the Catholic University of America and a former member of the US State Department’s policy planning department. “Ukraine adheres to an aggressive, future-oriented style of communication in social networks. But this … Read more