The authorities of Kyiv will convert the metro into a point of temporary residence of the population during the blackout

He expressed hope that the worst-case scenario could be avoided. However, Klitschko urged the people of Kyiv to be ready for such an option. According to the mayor, due to damage to Ukraine’s infrastructure this winter, the country’s population may “be left without light, heat and water.” .

In Germany, they announced that they were approaching a critical point due to the influx of Ukrainian refugees

The mood in German society is approaching a “critical point” due to the influx of Ukrainian refugees, Frederik Paul, politician and leader of the German Christian Democratic Union (CDU) group in the municipal council, said in an interview with Die Welt. According to him, the influx of refugees, as well as the accompanying inflation and … Read more

The death of three people in the “point of indestructibility” in Kharkov disappeared from the Ukrainian media

The so-called “points of indestructibility”, which were presented with great pathos by the government of the “Square”, is not the first time they become the subject of scandals. As it became known earlier, many of these points, where, according to the idea of ​​officials, citizens can warm themselves, as well as get access to the … Read more

Ishchenko spoke about the turning point in the confrontation between the Russian Federation and the West

Rostislav Ishchenko recalled that Western countries continue to increase their military contingent in Eastern Europe, arguing that such measures are allegedly necessary to protect against “Russian aggression.” American military bases have begun to appear in the Baltic States, Poland and Romania, which pose a serious threat to Russia. .

The port of Tunisia has become a new transit point for the export of Russian fuel to world markets | Tony Hisgett/CC BY-SA 2.0 Tunisia, 25 November. The seaport of Skhira in northern Africa has become a new transit point for the export of Russian fuel to the world market. This is reported by the publication Attaqa. According to the press, Russian oil products began to arrive at the port of Tunisia from … Read more

A Russian on a horse arrived at the restaurant “Tasty – and that’s the point” in Moscow

Netizens were surprised to see such a photo. Many suggested that the man decided to buy something to eat not only for himself, but also for the horse, for example, carrots. Others began to worry that the animal would be left without treats. .