Maria Pogrebnyak admitted the desire to have a fourth child

The Pogrebnyak family already has four heirs, all of them boys. The eldest son, Artem, is already 15 years old, the youngest recently turned 11, but despite this, Maria dreams of having another child. The blonde answered the corresponding question of the subscriber in the affirmative, while attaching a photo of her little son. .

Maria Pogrebnyak criticized the “changed shoes” Vera Brezhnev

Global Look Press | Komsomolskaya Pravda The wife of the football player Pavel Pogrebnyak, Maria, decided to speak out about the singer Vera Brezhneva. She remembered the artist’s old statement and accused her of duplicity, writes Vokrug TV. Brezhnev recently published a photo on social networks from the recording of the new track “Vishivanka”. The … Read more

Producer Pogrebnyak pointed to Galkin’s “violent hatred” for all Russians

It is known that Galkin went abroad after the start of a special operation in Ukraine, from where he often criticizes Russia. In addition, at his concert in Poland on August 22, the showman took the stage dressed in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. According to Pogrebnyak, this is far from just a “condemnation … Read more

Russian footballer Pogrebnyak denied information about his retirement

TASS/Sorokin Donat Former striker of the St. Petersburg “Zenith” and the Russian national team Pavel Pogrebnyak denied information about the end of his sports career. The top scorer of the UEFA Cup season 2007/08 Pavel Pogrebnyak said that he had not yet decided to retire. The words of the 38-year-old football player are quoted by … Read more

Pogrebnyak said that Morgenstern is not yet ripe for marriage

Pogrebnyak believes that Morgenstern’s confession about the reasons for parting with his wife speaks of different views on love and family. The scandalous rapper said that he loves Zinatullina, but cannot refuse carnal pleasures with other women. The artist was upset when his wife refused to tolerate betrayal. .