Former Oasis lead singer Liam Gallagher responds to criticism for playing the band’s songs live

Former Britpop band Oasis vocalist Liam Gallagher has responded to attacks for performing the band’s songs in solo performances. The musician insulted those who are unhappy that he sings these tracks at concerts. .

FIFA bans England captain Kane from playing with LGBT armband

Prior to this, some national teams joined the One Love action at the World Championship for Inclusion and Against Discrimination, including LGBT representatives. The source of the journalists said that if Kane decides to enter the field with this bandage, the referee can immediately show the player a yellow card. .

18 Belarusian football players are now playing in the two strongest leagues of the Russian championship

After UEFA and FIFA imposed sanctions on Russian football, Premier League teams began to increasingly turn their gaze towards neighboring countries. If we talk about Belarusian masters, then most of them are in one of the most original clubs in the top division of the Russian championship – Orenburg. Alexander Pavlovets, Yuri Kovalev, Kirill Kaplenko, … Read more

Deputy Wasserman: Zelensky is diligently playing out the role entrusted to him | President Of Ukraine/CC0 1.0 TThe topic of peace talks with Russia is being promoted in the global information space. Calls for peace talks between Russia and Ukraine may indicate that the latter’s foreign patrons see no other way to keep the Kyiv regime alive. This point of view in an interview for the … Read more

In the Krasnoyarsk Territory, a boy fell out of a seventh-floor window while playing hide-and-seek

According to REN TV, everything happened on the morning of October 26 in the city of Sharypovo. At some point, a four-year-old boy ran into the bedroom. The window sash was in the ventilation mode, so the child himself could open it and fall from a height. .

US woman’s leg amputated after playing with children in garden

Photo by formstock An American injured her knee while playing with children in the garden and ended up in the hospital, according to Yahoo! news. The accident happened on August 14th. Due to sudden and severe pain, the victim was taken to a medical facility. The woman was diagnosed with a broken leg and many … Read more