A resident of the Chelyabinsk region will be tried for growing drug-containing plants

In the village of Trekhgorny, Chelyabinsk Region, a criminal case has been completed against a local resident who was caught cultivating a drug-containing plant. The police seized more than 400 cannabis bushes from him, which he grew in his garden. .

“It will result in billions of rubles”: Roslesinforg was urged to abandon the transfer of timber processing plants

NEVA NEWS | Zoya Chernichnaya It is not advisable to transfer timber processing enterprises to Siberia and the Far East, says Alexander Dyatlov, Deputy Chairman of the Arkhangelsk Regional Assembly. Director of Roslesinforg Pavel Chashchin previously advocated moving the production of the North-West inland. Allegedly, this will help restore export volumes that fell after the … Read more

Putin urged to increase the production capacity of a number of defense plants

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DPA: Germany will have to shut down one of its nuclear plants to fix a leak

The Isar II nuclear power plant in Bavaria will have to be shut down for a week to fix a leak in the plant’s internal valve. This was reported by the German agency DPA, citing data from the German Federal Ministry for the Environment. The nuclear power plant operator has already informed the Bavarian nuclear … Read more

In Germany, they called for the withdrawal of nuclear power plants from the reserve due to the energy crisis

German Finance Minister Christian Lindner spoke on Monday, September 19, for the return to operation of nuclear power plants against the background of the energy crisis in the country, despite the position of the German coalition government on their reserve status. “We need to get to the root of the problem: we have skyrocketing electricity … Read more

energy crisis prompts France to renovate dilapidated nuclear power plants

The author noted that industrial welders, pipeline workers and other workers associated with metal should restore old nuclear power plants by 2023. So far, 35 out of 56 reactors have been decommissioned in France. In addition, 12 more are being prepared for shutdown. .

US Department of Energy: 80% of coal-fired power plants are suitable for the installation of nuclear reactors

wikipedia.org/TAFKAS/CC BY-SA 3.0 Nuclear reactors can be placed in 80 percent of America’s proven coal-fired power plants. This was reported by the US Department of Energy with reference to a study. The agency inspected both operating and decommissioned coal-fired power plants. A total of 394 objects were studied. “After reviewing recently decommissioned and operating coal-fired … Read more