Mishustin: when planning budget expenditures, you need to proceed from possibilities, not illusions

© / Dmitry AstakhovRussian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin MOSCOW, 14 Sep – It is necessary to carefully approach forecasting when forming the budget of the Russian Federation for 2023-2025, planning expenses, proceed from possibilities, not illusions, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said at a meeting on the draft federal budget for 2023 and for the planning … Read more

Deputy Gavrilov: it is necessary to get rid of phobias associated with planning in the economy

Photo from the personal archive of Sergei Gavrilov Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Property, Land and Property Relations Sergei Gavrilov explained why the issue of strengthening the role of state strategic planning in the Russian economy is ripe. According to the deputy, “historical events once again bring the country’s leadership to the adoption … Read more

The media learned about the help of Americans to Ukraine in planning a counteroffensive

In preparation for Ukraine’s offensive, the US has urged Kyiv to limit the operation both in terms of targets and geography to avoid being overly dragged out and bogged down on multiple fronts. This was reported on September 1 by CNN with reference to Western and Ukrainian officials. The U.S. even conducted “analysis exercises” for … Read more

The connection is out // Trips to Europe are getting longer and more expensive

Due to logistical complications and a limited number of carriers that retained flights in Russia, the cost of tickets to European countries for Russian tourists almost doubled over the year. In such conditions, citizens increase the duration of trips and the timing of their planning. Nevertheless, the demand of Russian tourists for trips to Europe … Read more

NATO tempts fate by planning more and more new arms deliveries to Kyiv

He said that by the beginning of the special operation, Ukraine was armed with 515 multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), now 380 of them have been destroyed, “but some have been restored, taken from stocks.” According to him, American deliveries of MLRS to Ukraine, in fact, do not change anything during the special operation.

Released strictly under the state contract

The seller of medicines is not responsible if the state registration of the drug was canceled due to third parties and after it was transferred to the buyer. This decision was made by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation (SC) in a dispute between the Crimean Ministry of Health and R-Pharm, also noting the … Read more

Haute cuisine of difficult times // Stardogs will feed the Russians with expensive hot dogs

Against the background of continuing problems with the import of products, restaurateurs began to open establishments where the amount of purchased ingredients is minimal. Thus, the owners of Stardogs launched the Est.1993 chain with hot dogs in a higher price segment, planning to develop franchise outlets, including in the regions. Experts warn that expansion may … Read more

The Ministry of Economic Development strengthens the digitalization of territorial planning

The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation plans to bring the level of digitalization of territorial planning to a new level within a year. This will reduce the investment and construction cycle and increase the efficiency of planning budget investments in conditions of limited resources. This was announced by Dmitry Degtyarev, Director of … Read more