The plane of the Moscow-Alma-Ata flight urgently returns to Sheremetyevo due to a malfunction

Sheremetyevo International Airport is preparing to receive a Moscow-Alma-Ata flight, which urgently flies back to the capital. The reason for the return was a technical malfunction, according to REN TV, citing a source. .

Victims during the shooting at the Izhevsk school were taken to Moscow by the plane of the Ministry of Emergency Situations

The plane of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia delivered to Moscow the victims of the shooting at the school of Izhevsk, the press service of the department reported. Hospitalization in the capital required 13 children and two adults, Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko reported. The tragedy at school number 88 in Izhevsk occurred … Read more

Drunken brawler from Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug to stand trial for inappropriate behavior on a plane

According to the investigation, the man, being in a state of intoxication, began to behave inappropriately and molest the crew of the aircraft. After that, the brawler began to strangle one of the passengers, which was the last straw of patience. .

Lightning strikes plane flying from Milan to Naples

A lightning strike hit an EasyJet plane. The incident occurred on Sunday in the skies over Italy. The aircraft was flying from Naples to Milan. According to the newspaper Il Messaggero, because of the emergency, he landed urgently at the airport in Bari. Of the 90 passengers, no one was hurt. However, a lightning strike … Read more