The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine returned the effect of excises on fuel

According to the adopted bill, an excise tax on fuel is introduced on the territory of Ukraine, which will amount to 100 euros per 1000 liters of gasoline, diesel fuel and biodiesel. The fee for gas is set at 52 euros per 1000 liters. At the same time, VAT on fuel, which is 7%, is … Read more

Representatives of the refueling business reported an acceleration in the rise in fuel prices in Russia

As representatives of the filling business said, in some regions of the country the cost of fuel increased by 1.5-2 rubles. According to them, this trend is due to the fact that Russian oil companies have found new markets. We are talking primarily about China and India. .

Diesel is more expensive than petrol for the first time

For some brands, motorists are more expensive for the first time with a diesel than if they fill up with petrol. This is reported by consumer collective UnitedConsumers, which continuously compares the rates of five producers in the Netherlands. Diesel has made a huge price jump in recent days. Usually a liter was around € … Read more

US retail sales flat as gas prices fall

In July, US retail sales were unchanged from June. Such data on Wednesday, August 17, presented the US Department of Commerce. Analysts polled by Refinitiv had expected July sales to rise 0.1%. The Ministry also revised sales growth results for June from 1% to 0.8%. Gasoline prices slightly decreased in July, so its sales decreased … Read more

The rise in prices for energy carriers and electricity in Europe breaks records // Infographics

According to Eurostat, energy inflation reached 41.1% yoy in July. This is the highest figure since the beginning of observations in 1997. If we take the subcategories, the largest increase in July was shown by gas prices – 51.4% yoy. Since January, this indicator has grown by 10.7 percentage points against the backdrop of a … Read more

Gasoline AI-92 fell in price by 3% per day, AI-95 – by 4%

As a result of trading on August 8, the exchange price for Regulator-92 gasoline fell by more than 3% (46.19 thousand rubles per ton), Premium-95 gasoline – by more than 4% (51. 85 thousand rubles per ton). The price of diesel fuel fell by 1.45% to 56.91 thousand rubles. per ton. This follows from the … Read more