Petrol and diesel can be expensive! Price will increase by 3 rupees/liter, know what is the reason?

The common man may find it expensive to buy petrol and diesel very soon. By the end of this month, the prices of petrol and diesel (Petrol-Diesel Price) will increase. A government source has said that the oil companies may increase the prices of petrol and diesel at the end of the ongoing assembly elections … Read more

Good News: Petrol-diesel prices have come down in India! Government can cut excise duty, now this big statement

The common man can get relief from petrol-diesel prices very soon. Excise duty on petrol and diesel can be reduced very soon. After this the prices will go up all over the country. In fact, M. Ajit Kumar, Chairman, Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC), said that the government is constantly considering reducing … Read more