Forecaster Mishulovina advised Petersburgers not to wait for Indian summer in October

The meteorologist claims that in the coming days it will begin to rapidly darken rapidly. According to her, in September there were 135 hours of light, and in October this figure will be reduced to 62 hours. In addition, the amount of precipitation will increase significantly. .

Registry offices did not explain how to get married out of turn to mobilized Petersburgers

In one of the registry offices they also asked to read the text of the agenda, when the journalist called, calling himself mobilized. In this case, the dispassionate servants of Cupid and Psyche will be able to study the circumstances in which the Petersburgers have fallen, and, perhaps, they will find time to register their … Read more

Petersburgers compared the results of transport reform in the city with the 90s

Residents of St. Petersburg are complaining massively on social networks about waiting times for buses that have grown by 30-40 minutes, non-working validators, crowded salons, and the need to ride standing up. The abolition of minibuses and their replacement with city buses did not bring anything good to the residents of the city. .

Mobilized Petersburgers can be paid the same as the military under the contract

St. Petersburg public and political figure, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Mikhail Amosov in conversation with a correspondent FAN said that, most likely, to pay money to those who fell under partial mobilization will be the same as to contracted servicemen. .

The Ministry of Emergency Situations warned Petersburgers about rain and strong wind on Monday Rain and gusty winds will hit St. Petersburg on Monday. This was warned in the regional GU EMERCOM of Russia. According to specialists from the Federal State Budgetary Institution “North-Western UGMS”, residents of the Northern capital are expected to experience worsening weather conditions on September 19. It will rain in the city, sometimes heavy. … Read more

The police detained two Petersburgers who broke the nose of a businessman for the sake of 13 million rubles

Recall that the incident occurred on May 30 on Kolomyazhsky Prospekt. Four strangers attacked a 56-year-old businessman, beat him up and took away a bag containing more than 13 million rubles. After the robbery, the businessman was diagnosed with a concussion and a broken nose. .

ill-conceived transport reform brought a lot of problems to St. Petersburg

Endless traffic jams on the roads of St. Petersburg, faulty validators and narrow streets that are difficult for public transport to pass through are the little things that ruin the lives of many residents of the Northern capital every day. This list was supplemented by the results of an ill-conceived transport reform, which was described … Read more