How in Russia they learned how to recycle plastic and manage personnel, they will tell at the Patriot media center

– Dmitry PanovDeputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, member of the Commission on Industry, Economics and Entrepreneurship, coordinator of “Business Russia” in the North-Western Federal District; .

Sochi sanatoriums have prepared 3,000 places for the treatment of military personnel participating in a special operation

According to the mayor, under the conditions of a special military operation, the resort is ready to revive the traditions of the hospital city, which glorified Sochi during the Great Patriotic War. And Sochi health resorts, if necessary, will accept all the defenders of the Motherland for recovery and rehabilitation. – Sochi as a city-hospital … Read more

Wagner PMC fighters spoke about the unique Chekan armored personnel carrier

Federal News Agency / Stepan Yatsko Voenkor FAN Alexander Simonov talked with the Wagner PMC fighters and learned the main advantages of their armored personnel carrier. The armored personnel carrier “Chekan” is a proprietary development of “PMC Wagner” and has long been in service with the company. Federal News Agency / Stepan Yatsko The car … Read more

the US army has serious problems with the recruitment of personnel

As former Secretary of the Army Mark Esper pointed out, back in 2018, most young Americans did not meet the criteria for military service. Now the situation has deteriorated significantly. The main reasons for the discrepancy, Esper noted, are obesity, drug addiction, various health problems, as well as crime and lack of education. .

Residents of the Central African Republic thanked Russian instructors for the quality training of military personnel

The situation changed for the better when Bungui turned to Moscow for help. Russian instructors, who are considered by the Western media to be Wagner PMCs, have trained FACA personnel with high quality.

In the DPR, the Aidara nationalist battalion lost more than half of its personnel

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Russian troops captured the American armored personnel carrier M-113 during the fighting in Ukraine

The fighters of the Southern Military District (SMD) repelled the attack of the Ukrainian troops and received an American-made M-113 armored personnel carrier (APC) at their disposal. The relevant footage is published by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. .

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Krasnikov named a way to avoid the outflow of personnel in science

Academician-Secretary of the Department of Nanotechnology and Information Technology of the Russian Academy of Sciences Gennady Krasnikov, in an interview with Izvestia, said that it is possible to avoid a brain drain in Russia by creating good working conditions for scientists. “A modern workplace, equipped with equipment, devices, world-class tasks that must be worthy,” he … Read more

the ban on the departure of specialists from the Russian Federation will not affect the outflow of personnel

Rotenberg proposed to turn to the situation that has developed at the moment with domestic sports. He recalled that Russian hockey players go abroad not so much for money, but for prestige. The same environment, according to the businessman, needs to be created in Russia. Only a system built on mutually beneficial principles is able … Read more