Doctor Vasilyeva warned about the risk of contracting jaundice due to non-compliance with personal hygiene

According to the expert, you can get this type of hepatitis if you eat contaminated food or water. There is also a risk of transmission of the virus in case of contact with a sick person, for example, through personal hygiene products. .

Sobchak accused Molochnikov of meanness for revealing his personal life with Barnabas

Global Look Press | Alexander Kulebyakin Journalist Ksenia Sobchak condemned director Alexander Molochnikov for his revelations about his personal life with his ex-wife Ekaterina Varnava. The cinematographer in a recent interview confirmed that he was married to a comedian. According to him, the ex-lover was ready to leave her career for the sake of her … Read more

DNS company confirmed the leakage of personal data of users due to a hacker attack

Unidentified persons hacked DNS databases from servers located outside of Russia. Now representatives of the company are busy strengthening information security. According to media reports, names, e-mails, phone numbers of DNS clients were previously leaked to the Web. .

Shepelev stopped taking his son to the stylist Lisovets because of a personal insult

Many believe that Dmitry Shepelev, in situations involving his son, behaves inappropriately and sets a bad example for the heir. Only one family scandal, after which the TV presenter forbade the relatives of the late Friska to communicate with his grandson, does not paint him at all. .

“Personal Hands”: Diunov accused the United States of conducting hostilities against Russia with the help of Ukrainians

Federal News Agency The actions of the United States have long been a direct intervention in the Russian military operation. Although, for the time being, the hostilities are being carried out by the wrong hands – by Ukrainians, whom the Americans do not feel sorry for, said Mikhail Diunov, candidate of historical sciences, anthropologist and … Read more

Liz Truss was suspected of embezzling public funds for personal needs

British Prime Minister Liz Truss was suspected of embezzling public funds for personal needs during her tenure as foreign secretary in 2021-2022. The Daily Mail writes about this on September 24. Labor MP and Attorney General Emily Thornberry posted the open letter on her Twitter, according to the publication. In her letter, she wonders why … Read more

RaHDIt hackers released personal data of 1,500 Ukrainian spies

According to a law enforcement source, the published records are reliable. Thanks to hackers, the personal data of Ukrainian intelligence representatives working under the guise of embassies in more than 20 states got into the public domain. Among them are the USA, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Azerbaijan, Argentina, Hungary, Greece, Iraq, South Africa, Tajikistan and … Read more