Politico: Belgium lobbied at the EU level for permission to buy Russian diamonds

Belgium lobbied at the EU level for permission to buy Russian diamonds, despite the statements of the European leadership about the imposition of anti-Russian sanctions against the diamond market. Antwerp has for centuries served as a major hub for diamonds arriving in Europe, including from Russia, according to Politico. Belgian leaders have not distanced themselves … Read more

Soldiers of the 66th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine left their positions in the Krasnogorovka area without permission

The named 66th Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, operating in the Donbass, has previously been distinguished by cases of desertion and refusals to follow orders from the command. Earlier, a month ago, almost half of the 3rd Battalion left the location of the brigade. Ukrainian nationalists are increasingly choosing prison over death … Read more

US General Arnold urged NATO to give permission to Ukraine to strike all over Russia

Earlier, RT reported that the Ukrainian military fired at the village of Mikhailovka from the American HIMARS MLRS. Thus, the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to intimidate the inhabitants of the Melitopol region on the eve of the referendum on joining Russia. .

Putin signed a decree on the possibility of work of citizens of the DPR and LPR in the Russian Federation without special permission

Putin also signed a decree according to which citizens of the LPR, DPR and Ukraine can stay on the territory of the Russian Federation without time limits. However, this is possible only if you pass fingerprinting, photo and medical examination. .

Two dry cargo ships with food received permission to leave the Ukrainian port

pxhere.com The Joint Coordinating Center approved the departure of two dry cargo ships with food from the port of Chernomorsk on 20 August. This was reported to the SCC. According to the center, the Zumrut ANA ship will carry 6.3 thousand tons of sunflower oil to Venice. The second bulk carrier OCEAN S will deliver … Read more

Four vessels with food received permission to leave Ukrainian ports – UN

The joint coordination center in Istanbul issued permission to leave Ukrainian ports on Sunday, August 7, for four ships with food. About it reported in the press service of the UN, Ukrinform reports. The report says that four ships are sailing from Chernomorsk and Odessa with 161,084 tons of food. In particular, dry cargo ship … Read more

Medical equipment not allowed for treatment // Russian hospitals may be left without repair of medical equipment

In the Russian Federation, a secondary shortage of medical equipment may arise – its suppliers cannot export spare parts for repair or replacement to non-CIS countries, the profile association of manufacturers IMEDA said. Difficulties arose due to government decree No. 311 dated March 9, 2022 – according to it, permission from the Ministry of Industry … Read more

Gazprom asked Siemens to provide permission for the removal of a turbine for the Portovaya CS


MOSCOW, July 16 – Gazprom officially asked the German Siemens for documents that allow it to take out a turbine for Nord Stream, reported on the Telegram channel of the Russian company. “On July 15, Gazprom officially asked Siemens to provide documents that, taking into account the current sanctions regimes of Canada and the European … Read more

Gazprom does not have Siemens permission to export gas turbine engine from Canada

  © / Alexey Vitvitsky – The finished part of the Nord Stream gas pipeline near the town of Lubmin. Archive photo MOSCOW, 13 July – Gazprom does not have a single document that allows Siemens to remove from Canada a gas turbine engine for the Portovaya compressor station, an important facility for the Nord … Read more