EC: The introduction of a price ceiling for Russian oil provides for a transitional period

Thus, the limit will not be valid for 45 days for crude oil, which will be loaded on ships before December 5 and unloaded at the final port until January 19, 2023. “During this period, maritime services and maritime transportation can be provided,” the European Commission noted. The EC also recalled that the price ceiling … Read more

The European Commission announced a transitional period with the introduction of a “ceiling” of gas prices from the Russian Federation

The European Commission has revealed the details of the mechanism of the “ceiling” of gas prices. The restriction adopted by the EU countries will be introduced gradually and will not apply to some of the black gold purchased in excess of the limit. .

In Moscow, from December 3 to 7, they will close the section of the “orange” metro branch. How to plan your route during this period

The site will be closed from December 3 to 7. The Oktyabrskaya Stations and New Cheryomushki will become temporarily final, there will be no movements between them, ”the Department’s Telegram channel reports. During the closure of the site, the second tunnel of the future Trinity line will be laid. It will pass under the site … Read more

The winter period of training began in the Strategic Missile Forces

The Strategic Missile Forces (RVSN) have begun the winter training period, during which more than 200 tactical training events will be held, including exercises with missile regiments and divisions, as well as a number of command and staff exercises. This was announced by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on Thursday, December 1. … Read more

Actress Maria Poroshina spoke about the difficulties in the period of relations with Gosha Kutsenko

The actress admitted that Kutsenko played an important role in her life. The star remembered how, after being expelled from the Moscow Art Theater School in her second year, the ex-chosen one sent her to the Shchukin school and helped her to enter. Later, the irreparable happened to the couple – they lost the child. … Read more

Planet with ultrashort rotation period discovered in deep space

The newly discovered planet has a radius of 1.72 Earth radii and is about 7.42 times as massive. It completes an orbit around its parent star in just 22.2 hours. The distance to the surface of the star is very small, only 0.018 astronomical units. The age of this small planetary system is about 11 … Read more