Arkady Aidak became the hero of the first book in the series “Outstanding People of Chuvashia”

A series of books “Outstanding people of Chuvashia” became a continuation of the bibliographic series “Remarkable people of Chuvashia” and “Library of the President of the Chuvash Republic”. The cycle will include books about the legendary cosmonaut Adrian Nikolaev, conductor Maurice Yaklashkin, artists Nikolai Karacharskov, Anatoly Mitov, as well as about honorary citizens of the … Read more

In the Amur region, two people became victims of an accident

Federal news agency Traffic police officers in the Amur region are investigating the circumstances of a fatal accident in the Blagoveshchensk region. According to the agency, in the early morning on the first kilometer of the Volkovo-Gribskoye-Dronovo highway, the Honda CRV driver exceeded the speed limit and lost control of the car, AmurInfo reports. As … Read more

Two people died and three were injured in a major accident in the suburbs A traffic accident with tragic consequences happened on the Dorohovskoye highway in the Moscow region. The road was not shared by two vehicles. It is reported by “MK”. Injuries incompatible with life were received by a 42-year-old motorist and her 40-year-old passenger. Three more women required medical attention. They were taken to the hospital. … Read more

Indonesian president orders investigation into riots that killed 129 people | Freepik Company S.L. Football match in Indonesia ended in riots. The number of victims exceeded 100 people. President Joko Widodo called for a thorough investigation. He ordered the temporary suspension of the national football championship. Widodo also stressed that the security system at the matches needs to be reviewed. Recall that after the … Read more

Three people died in a mass accident with a tow truck and a truck near Ryazan

A mass road accident in the Ryazan region claimed the lives of three people, four more were injured. According to preliminary data, the truck collided with a tow truck, after which it drove into oncoming traffic and rammed Renault Fluence and Mitsubishi Lancer. .