Insurance old-age pensions for non-working Russians will be indexed by 4.8%

Indexation of insurance old-age pensions for non-working Russians will amount to 4.8% from January 1. After that, the average amount of payments will increase to 21,864 rubles, the Ministry of Labor said. .

Lawyer Solovyov spoke about the merger of the Pension Fund with the Social Insurance Fund in 2023 Pension Fund of the Russian Federation The merger of the Pension Fund with the Social Insurance Fund will take place in 2023. At the same time, the institution will continue to fulfill the same obligations to citizens, Ivan Solovyov, Honored Lawyer of Russia, said in an interview with the Prime agency. According to him, … Read more

Associate Professor Ivanova-Shvets: some categories of citizens are entitled to “another’s pension”

Federal news agency Some categories of citizens have the right to transfer to the pension of the deceased spouse if its size was higher. In an interview with Prime, Associate Professor of the Department of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation “Management of strategic resources” of the Russian University of Economics. … Read more

Some Russians from October will receive 9600 rubles along with a pension

Russians receive this fixed amount into their account along with additional surcharges. Among them there is a payment due to pensioners with disabled dependents. Its size depends on the number of dependents of the recipient of the pension. For one, an additional payment of 9,627 rubles is due, for two – 12,034 rubles, for three … Read more

Economist Girinsky warned Russians about the risks of underpayment of pensions

In addition, the error may occur due to a failure in the automated system. Girinsky advised the Russians to turn on the notification of the status of their pension account on the Gosuslugi portal in order to quickly learn about such incidents. .

Residents of Russia will be able to receive part of the pension ahead of schedule

To receive the payment, you need 23.4 pension coefficients and 13 years of insurance experience – or special experience. The application must be sent to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation or a non-state pension fund, depending on what exactly the Russian chose to form a funded pension. .