A Donetsk woman who survived the concentration camps expressed her hope for peace and the annexation of Donbass to the Russian Federation

Tamara Safiulina, a resident of Donetsk, who was born in Germany and has the status of a concentration camp prisoner, voted in the referendum and expressed her hope that Donbass would become part of Russia. .

The Hungarian Foreign Ministry hopes that the UN General Assembly will help Ukraine find peace

According to him, this is the seventh time he has the honor to represent Budapest at this global political event. However, this year things are a little different due to the Ukrainian crisis, the minister said. That is why Szijjártó hopes that the UN General Assembly will help Kyiv find peace. .

Zelensky came up with five components of the “peace formula” of Ukraine

According to him, this formula can work not only for Ukraine, but also for other countries. Zelensky called punishment the first point. In particular, sanctions, termination of relations and the creation of a tribunal. The second element of the formula is the “protection of life” in the form of military and financial assistance. .

“Peace” process: how to provide yourself with money on vacation in Turkey without a card | Articles

After a two-day information noise around a possible refusal to service Russian Mir cards in Turkey due to the risk of falling under secondary sanctions, the US Treasury made a statement. True, not with an official statement, but with a very ornate answer in the FAQ section of his website (frequently asked questions). It follows … Read more

Chadian authorities called on militants to sign a peace treaty in preparation for the invasion of the Central African Republic

However, the leaders of the largest associations “Vaqit Tamma” and the “Front for Change and Accord in Chad” (FACT) announced that they would ignore the dialogue. In their opinion, during the negotiations, the authorities of the republic either impose their own conditions on the opposition, or bribe enemies.

Switzerland can remain an island of peace or become a participant in the third world war

Global Look Press / Sgt. Agustin Montanez / Keystone Press Agency Those who adored the neutrality of Switzerland can say goodbye to it. Unfortunately, the dismantling of the age-old foundations has begun. Just look at the position our country has taken towards the conflict in Ukraine. Shortly after the outbreak of hostilities, President Ignacio Cassis … Read more

Press Secretary of the President of the Central African Republic: the strengthening of the army returned peace and order to the country

globallookpress.com/Carsten Reisinger Bangui, 7 September. Press Secretary of the President of the Central African Republic Albert Yaloke Mokpem, in an interview with reporters, said that the country’s armed forces (FACA) had secured most of it from militants. The politician announced a decrease in the number of attacks by radicals on settlements. According to him, FACA … Read more