Veterinary clinic will pay more than 200 thousand rubles to the owner of a dead dog in Moscow

According to available information, the pet was treated with oral cavity, but after medical intervention, his condition only worsened. The owner insisted on a second examination and it turned out that the dog had pulmonary edema. The terrier was connected to a ventilator, but it was not possible to save the life of the dog. … Read more

Artyukhov ordered to pay 300 thousand rubles to those mobilized from the YaNAO

The head of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug specified that he had decided to pay 300,000 rubles at a time to everyone who would be called up, informs Yamal-media. Support measures for veterans will also be extended to such residents of the district. .

The Duma proposed to introduce subsidies to pay debts for housing and communal services for mobilized

A bill on subsidies for the payment of debts on housing and communal services for the mobilized may be introduced in Russia. This proposal was made by the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Construction and Housing Svetlana Razvorotneva. She told RIA Real Estate that she was preparing a legislative initiative on “one-time … Read more

The principle of “take or pay” forces Finland to buy gas from Russia

Finland is forced to continue buying gas from Russia, as the countries have signed a long-term contract for the supply of LNG on a take-or-pay basis. This means that the importer must pay for the supplies, regardless of whether he wants to receive the resource or not, Finnish company Gasum told Helsingin Sanomat. .

Polish President Duda demanded that Russia pay reparations to Ukraine

According to the head of the republic, this is due to the conduct of a special military operation in Ukraine. At the same time, Duda hinted that Poland was waiting for war reparations from Germany. The President recalled the country’s losses in World War II. He announced this at the 77th session of the UN … Read more