The Large Hadron Collider will pause ahead of schedule in the conditions of the energy crisis

In an interview with the N + 1 portal, he explained that the LHC will enter the winter break two weeks earlier – on November 28 instead of December 13 – due to the need to save electricity. By comparison, CERN consumes about the same amount of electricity as the whole of Geneva. The collider … Read more

Single-industry towns put on pause // While the government is not ready to either reduce their list or expand benefits

In the new economic situation, the government abandoned the idea discussed in the fall of 2021 to halve the list of single-industry towns in order to concentrate resources on the remaining ones. Yesterday, at the presentation by the state corporation VEB.RF of the rating of single-industry towns for 2021 (half of its leaders have not … Read more

Wage cuts did not prevent spending // Social payments and “other income” stopped the decline in household consumption

According to Rosstat, by the end of the second quarter, the rate of decline in real wages and consumption of non-food products in annual terms slowed down. Against the backdrop of declining wages (the main factor in the fall in real incomes by 0.8%), a stable labor market, the growth of social transfers and other … Read more

Forgiven loan with state interest // The Ministry of Finance specifies measures to support investments

The Ministry of Finance intends to prohibit the regions from using budget and infrastructure loans “forgiven” in exchange for the launch of new investment projects to finance projects under agreements on the protection and promotion of capital investments (CPP), as well as to support industrial parks and special economic zones. De facto, the project of … Read more

Mexican president proposes to ‘pause’ relations with Spain

Mexico City, February 11th. President of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador insisted on the need to “take a break” in bilateral relations with Spain in order to normalize them. The head of state announced this during a press conference. Earlier, the President of Mexico proposed to break relations with Spain, because, in his opinion, “they … Read more

The Ministry of Finance will resume OFZ auctions on February 2 after a three-week pause

The Ministry of Finance of Russia tomorrow, February 2, will resume holding auctions for the placement of federal loan bonds (OFZ). The first and last auctions of this year were held on 12 January. Investors will be offered OFZ series 26237 with a constant coupon rate, maturing in March 2029 in the amount of balances … Read more

Trade will wait with development // Short-term restrictions have reduced tenant activity

The commercial real estate industry has begun to gradually recover from the latest wave of sanitary restrictions that cost operators and retail property owners up to 90% of their revenue. Now market participants are counting on deferred demand and marketing campaigns, but warn that development plans for some potential tenants have paused under the influence … Read more

Investors will return to paper agreements // And will be eligible for tax deductions on a number of expenses

Changes in the legal requirements for concluding agreements on the protection and promotion of capital investments (SZPK) – the main instrument of the White House to stimulate investment activity – caused a pause in the signing of new agreements. The Ministry of Economy had to revise the requirements for the GIS “Capital Investments”, where such … Read more

Lara Fabian received additional royalties // RAO is suing for copyright for a Canadian singer

The Russian Authors’ Society (RAO) has resumed its debt collection campaign, which has been on hiatus since the start of the pandemic. The first claims were received by Biletmarket due to royalties to Canadian singer Lara Fabian, whose concerts she organized in 2019. Experts predict a wave of such lawsuits: RAO will try to collect … Read more