The results of the sanctions war between the West and Russia will be summed up at the Patriot media center

What are the main results of the ten packages of Western sanctions against Russia? How likely is the Russian economy to stagnate in the near future? What do the statements of the Western press mean that two-thirds of the arrested Russian assets could not be found in the EU and the US? Is it possible … Read more

Internet newspaper “” became a partner of the Media Group “Patriot”

Mediagroup “Patriot” The head of the Patriot Media Group, Nikolai Stolyarchuk, announced a partnership with the online newspaper Within the framework of cooperation, the publications plan to exchange relevant news and jointly support significant events. “” is one of the first electronic editions of the Tula region. The online newspaper covers the socio-political life … Read more

When and how Russia will catch up with the world leaders in IT technologies, Patriot will tell State-owned companies plan to significantly increase investments in domestic IT solutions and related works and services, they said at the 4th annual Forum.Digital Industry 2022 online forum dedicated to the digitalization of Russian industry. The total planned amount of expenses of state-owned companies on information technology in 2021–2024 will amount to more than 1 … Read more

US plans to transfer 100 anti-missile missiles to Taiwan

The source of the agency claims that the proposal was made on the basis of an agreement concluded between the US and Taiwan authorities back in 2010. It is expected that the State Department will officially announce this proposal on December 6, after which it will go to Congress for consideration. .

New laws for business in Russia will be discussed at the Patriot media center

Since December, many new laws and regulations have come into force in Russia regulating the activities of small, medium and large businesses. Thus, local governments and organizations subordinate to them will be required to maintain official pages on social networks (VK or Odnoklassniki). Also in the Russian Federation, a unified state information system for ensuring … Read more

How Russian farmers resist land speculators, they will tell in Patriot The total number of agricultural producers in Russia over five years – from 2016 to 2021 – decreased by almost a third, said the deputy head of Rosstat Igor Vasiliev, presenting the final results of the agricultural micro-census. The number of peasant farms and individual entrepreneurs fell from 174.8 thousand to 118.3 thousand, but … Read more

Ukrainian military expert called the vulnerability of the Patriot air defense system

Kovalenko noted that he has “doubts” about transferring the Patriot air defense system to Ukraine in the first place, because it is a high-tech complex and it will be difficult to integrate it into the Ukrainian air defense system. The expert also urged not to forget about the bureaucracy and fears that are also present … Read more

Patriot media group and city portal MegaTyumen announced the beginning of cooperation

For more than ten years, MegaTyumen has been telling its readers about the main events in the life of the Tyumen region. Commenting on the start of information cooperation with Patriot, the editor-in-chief of the publication Kira Sannikova spoke about the work of the portal and expectations from partnership with the St. Petersburg media group. … Read more

What Ukrainian migrants bring with them to Europe will be told at the Patriot media center

Federal news agency Polish edition Wirtualna Polska reported on the consequences of the influx of Ukrainian refugees into the country, which led to a record number of HIV infections. “By the end of October, 1,910 new cases of HIV infection were identified. There have never been such alarming statistics in Poland,” the newspaper reports. There … Read more