Milonov explained the need for a partial ban on gender reassignment in Russia

Milonov also explained that the diagnosis required for the operation should be made not by one specialist, but by a council of doctors. They must establish that a person suffering from hermaphroditism needs his external data to lead to a biological sex. The composition of the commissions will be determined by the Ministry of Health … Read more

Prilepin praised Buzova’s song about Russians fleeing partial mobilization

Singer Olga Buzova and comedian Azamat Musagaliev performed the song “Relocation”, where they ridiculed Russian men hiding from partial mobilization. The publicist Zakhar Prilepin also responded to the speech, not stinting on strong words. .

Peskov said that there is no need for a decree on the completion of conscription as part of partial mobilization

The decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the completion of conscription within the framework of partial mobilization is not needed – such a conclusion was made by specialists from the state legal department in the administration of the head of state. This was announced on Tuesday, November 1, by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. “The … Read more

The Ministry of Defense announced the completion of all measures for partial mobilization

All activities related to the draft within the framework of partial mobilization have ended. This was announced by the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense Igor Konashenkov on Monday, October 31. Instructions on the completion of partial mobilization measures to call up citizens for military service were sent on behalf of Defense Minister … Read more

Putin announced the completion of partial mobilization in Russia

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Putin announced the completion of partial mobilization in Russia

According to the Russian president, he will discuss this issue with lawyers and decide whether it is necessary to announce the completion of mobilization measures by a separate decree. Putin noted that a corresponding proposal was received from the Russian Defense Ministry. .

Voronezh region completed partial mobilization

The Voronezh region has completed the task that it was given as part of the partial mobilization, said the head of the region Alexander Gusev. Earlier, the authorities spoke about payments to mobilized Voronezh residents. By decision of the government of the Voronezh region, each resident of the region who went to serve in the … Read more

Tatarstan successfully coped with the task of the Ministry of Defense for partial mobilization

One of the main tasks that now faces the government of the republic is to take care of the families of servicemen and Tatarstan citizens who were called up for partial mobilization, the head of the region pointed out. In addition, Minnikhanov added that the draft board had done a colossal job. .

European Commissioner Reynders called the condition for the partial unfreezing of Russia’s gold and foreign exchange assets Moscow’s blocked foreign exchange reserves of 300 billion euros can be kept as a guarantee until the restoration of Ukraine with the participation of Russia begins. This was stated by European Commissioner for Justice and Rule of Law Didier Reynders. He recalled that Kyiv demanded that this money be sent for restoration. The words … Read more