Gay parade riots break out in Belgrade

In the capital of Serbia – Belgrade – there were riots as a result of a clash between participants in a gay pride parade and those dissatisfied with the procession. Protesters pelted gay parade participants and law enforcement officers with lit flares. Shovels and billboards were also thrown at people and cars. Judging by the … Read more

Police attack opponents of gay parade in Belgrade

However, police officers are assisting the LGBT movement by clearing the site and preventing outsiders, including residents of nearby houses, from entering it. Apparently, the police act on the orders of the Prime Minister of the country Ana Brnabicwhich announced the need for a gay parade and guaranteed the safety of its participants. .

Belgrade residents clash with police to disrupt gay parade Pohl/Alto Press In Belgrade, clashes between citizens and police are recorded. People took to the streets to interfere with the gay parade. Note that the organizers of the indecent action had previously received a ban from the Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs. The security forces feared riots. Then the organizers decided to change the … Read more

Residents of Belgrade took to the procession against the LGBT parade

The LGBT community in Serbia uses events like this to promote their demands. We are talking about the adoption of a law on same-sex unions and gender identity. They also demand a “quick and adequate” response from the authorities to cases of violation of the rights of members of the LGBT community, sexual education for … Read more

The European Union is outraged by the cancellation of the gay pride parade in Serbia Chugunova Against the backdrop of the aggravation of the situation in Kosovo, the Serbian authorities canceled the EuroPride pan-European gay pride parade, scheduled for mid-September. In this regard, representatives of the European Union turned to the authorities of the country. The organization’s foreign policy service issued a statement asking for a review of Belgrade’s … Read more

Putin’s statement about Zircon missiles at the Navy Day parade scared the British

The words of Russian President Vladimir Putin about the supply of Zircon hypersonic missile systems to the Russian Armed Forces caused panic in the UK. This was reported by journalist Douglas Patience in an article for the Mirror. Peishent noted that hypersonic weapons can travel at nine times the speed of sound and called the … Read more

In Kamchatka, the celebration of the Day of the Russian Navy began with a naval parade

In Kamchatka, about 20 warships and boats in Avacha Bay, including the new corvette “Thundering”, opened the celebration of the Navy Day. This was reported by the press service of the Eastern Military District for the Pacific Fleet on Sunday, July 31. “The ships will be involved in demonstrations and perform various combat exercises. More … Read more

For the first time, a female crew will take part in the parade on the Day of the Russian Navy

The dress rehearsal of the main naval parade, which will take place on the Day of the Navy, took place in the waters of the Neva. Dozens of warships, boats and submarines passed along the river. Ships to the main naval parade arrive from all over the country. For example, an anti-sabotage boat from Tatarstan … Read more

gay parade in Paris “Disneyland” outraged the public in France

A concert and “Pride of a Thousand Flowers” march in support of the LGBT community will take place at Disneyland Paris on June 11. This angered the pro-family values ​​associations. The gay parade at Disneyland was opposed by La Manif pour tous, the Association of Catholic Families called the event “discriminatory”. .