Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences predicted the pace of the Russian economy for 30 years

The expert explained that it would be difficult to maintain the competitiveness of the Russian economy under the current sanctions pressure. Shirov admits that in 2016-2030 the average annual growth rate of the economy slows down to 1.7%, and in the next decade to 1.6%. .

Vasilevsky about Vagabov’s picking up pace before the fight with Nicholson

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Evseev deciphered Shoigu’s statement on the pace of the offensive of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine

According to him, the slowdown in the pace of the SVO is also associated with the nature of the hostilities that are unfolding in the conditions of urban development. Evseev added that such confrontations do not imply a rapid offensive. .

Everyday life of adaptation // Imports are stabilizing, but it is not known what will be missing

Russian mirror import statistics show a summer slowdown in the decline in equipment supplies to the country. With a slowdown in investment in the economy, this can be explained by the activity of small and medium-sized companies, including those stimulated by the state. All this, however, does not guarantee that by winter the problems in … Read more

China is losing momentum // Monitoring of the world economy

The main indicators of the Chinese economy in July showed a slowdown in growth after a temporary acceleration in June. Industrial production grew by 3.8% over the year against 3.7% a month earlier, while the figure increased by 0.38% month on month. At the same time, the production of “new energy” cars and solar panels … Read more

The decline in industrial prices so far slows down consumer inflation // Price monitoring

In July, compared to June 2022, producer prices of goods decreased by 2.2%, in annual terms, their growth rates decreased to 6.1% against 11.3% in June, Rosstat estimated. The deflation of selling prices in the industry is in line with the expectations of companies (see Kommersant of June 29) and has been observed for the … Read more

Inflation decreased in July in most regions // Infographics

In July, annual inflation in the regions ranged from 3.3% in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug to 20% in Ingushetia. Compared to June, it has decreased in most regions, according to information and analytical materials of the Central Bank. The largest decrease (about two percentage points) was recorded in Karelia and the Arkhangelsk region. The growth … Read more

Russian Foreign Ministry: Trade turnover with China is growing at a tremendous pace

Trade turnover between Russia and the People’s Republic of China is growing at a tremendous pace in 2022, said Dmitry Birichevsky, director of the Department for Economic Cooperation of the Russian Foreign Ministry. In 2021, the trade turnover between the countries amounted to about $140 billion. According to Mr. Birichevsky, Russia considers New Delhi to … Read more

Chernyshenko spoke about the pace of implementation of artificial intelligence in Russia

The rate of implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in certain industries today reaches 20%. This was announced on Wednesday, August 17, by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko. “Currently, the percentage of AI implementation in certain industries among the flagships reaches 20%. We expect that by 2024 this figure will be at least 50%,” he said … Read more