Apartments were rated for the holidays // Secondary housing becomes more expensive

The pre-New Year excitement contributed to the growth of average prices for secondary housing in local markets. High consumer demand is now supported by the desire to invest savings in real estate amid high inflation rates and the expectation of an increase in the cost of mortgage lending. But, not seeing fundamental reasons for a … Read more

Russia may increase the responsibility of mine owners for breaches of safety

Responsibility for violation of safety standards and working conditions can be significantly increased for owners and management, including in the mining industry. Andrei Klishas, ​​Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation, told RIA Novosti: “It is necessary, together with the government, to analyze all the norms that relate to industrial safety and observance … Read more

Persons with double responsibility // How much can you ask from the managers and owners of bankrupts

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation (VS) will consider the issue of whether it is possible to twice demand the debt of a bankrupt company from its head or owner as a guarantor for a corporate loan and as a subsidiary liability. This is the first time that such a dispute has been submitted … Read more

Evaluated footage // The number of copyright claims in photographs has skyrocketed in Russia

The number of legal disputes over copyright in a photo in Russia will grow by 40% this year, analysts have calculated. The plaintiffs are the photographers themselves, as well as the owners of photo bases, for example, the media, in general now they are demanding more than 100 million rubles. They are forced to go … Read more

With a fractional forecast // Rating agencies will restrict large owners

The prepared amendments to the legislation regulating the activities of credit rating agencies may come as an unpleasant surprise for their owners. One of the most significant changes is the limitation of the share of ownership by one person to 10% in the authorized capital of the agency. Thus, all agencies, with the exception of … Read more