The Guardian predicts a bleak outlook for Britain under Liz Truss

Federal news agency New British Prime Minister Liz Truss could lead a “sinking” UK “to the sidelines,” according to The Guardian article by Simon Tisdall. The journalist pointed out that the “untested” prime minister has the task of leading the UK through a crisis of unity and confidence that could be caused by the death … Read more

Stock market outlook: investors rate on macro data

The stock markets have left the quarterly figures wave behind them. This week, however, some macroeconomic data is on the agenda. In addition, it is questionable whether investors will respond to the speech by Fed boss Jerome Powell last Friday afternoon: the Dow Jones index closed with a 1000 point loss. Copy to clipboard

Moody`s downgraded the outlook for the ratings of Italy, Slovakia and the Czech Republic

The international rating agency Moody`s changed the outlook for the rating of the economy of Italy, Slovakia and the Czech Republic from “stable” to “negative”. The long-term issuer ratings of the three countries in foreign and national currencies were confirmed at the previous levels – Baa3, A2 and Aa3, respectively. The agency attributed the deterioration … Read more

S&P downgraded Ukraine’s rating from CCC+ to CC with a negative outlook

S&P Global Ratings has downgraded Ukraine’s long-term foreign currency sovereign rating from CCC+ to CC. The forecast remains negative due to the government’s plans to restructure the public debt. S&P Global Ratings does not exclude that it will lower the rating to SD (selective default) if the Ukrainian authorities restructure the state debt. “We believe … Read more

One seventh of the global recession // The IMF again worsened the forecast for global GDP growth

Global GDP growth in 2022, amid the continued effects of the pandemic and the continuation of the crisis in Ukraine, will slow to 3.2%, according to the new International Monetary Fund (IMF) World Economic Outlook, which is now 0.4 percentage points lower than the April forecast. The implementation of the negative scenario, which includes a … Read more

Stock market outlook:

Once again, investors are heading into a stock market week largely dominated by an interest rate meeting. This time, the eyes are on the Federal Reserve, the system of American central banks. Copy to clipboard

Technology stocks fall after Snap’s negative outlook

U.S. tech stocks fell sharply on Tuesday after social networking site Snap cut its earnings guidance. Shares of Snap Inc. itself. collapsed by 43% to $12.79, which was the largest decline in the history of the company. Alphabet quotes sank 5% to $2119.4, while Meta shares (recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation) fell 7.6% … Read more