Oscar Kuchera expressed hope that the Russians would not accept Svetlana Loboda back

The decision of the Lithuanian authorities, according to politicians, is associated with the ambiguous position of Loboda on the special operation. The actor believes that the singer expressed her opinion quite clearly. He also hoped that the Russians would not accept the “changed shoes” performer back. .

Oscar Kuchera reacted to the news about awarding Chulpan Khamatova the title of “actress of the year” in Latvia

After the news appeared, social media users began to express suspicions about the merits of Chulpan Khamatova in Latvia. Some of them connected the award of the title with the artist’s anti-Russian statements. Oskar Kuchera noted that the political views of the artist and his creative activity are not related. .

Oscar Kuchera went hard on Danya Milokhin for trying to sing the national anthem of Ukraine

During the broadcast, Milokhin tried to sing the Ukrainian anthem, mangling the words. At the same time, Babich laughed at Dani’s pronunciation, correcting him. According to Kuchera, Milokhin is a “scum” without whom Russia is better off as he will no longer influence the younger generation. .

Oscar Kuchera ceased to consider Alla Pugacheva a man

Global Look Press | Aleksey Ivanov/ TV Zvezda Singer Alla Pugacheva for a long time kept silent about the political situation. But recent statements shocked her colleagues, including Oscar Kuchera. The TV presenter admitted that the Diva remained a standard for him for many years. He was sympathetic to her departure from Russia. But Kuchera … Read more

Alexey Panin remembered how he spent sleepless nights with Oscar Kuchera

Once Kuchera and Panin were friends, but now the TV presenter is outraged by the behavior of the actor living in Spain. So, Kuchera said that his colleague never had talent, and built a career in cinema only thanks to his appearance. The artist replied to the opponent in the Telegram channel. .

“Acting game” by Vladimir Zelensky and Sean Penn infuriated readers of the Daily Mail

Global Look Press | Maksym Polishchuk/Keystone Press Agency Hollywood actor Sean Penn visited Ukraine again. During the visit, he met with President Volodymyr Zelensky and “temporarily” presented him with an Oscar statuette. The corresponding article in The Daily Mail angered British readers. The authors of the article noted that the Ukrainian leader responded to the … Read more

The only Russian Oscar winner: how a little-known actress conquered Hollywood

Frame from the film “Zorba the Greek” Actress Lilya Kedrova (nee Elizaveta Kedrova) did not manage to gain popularity among Russian viewers, however, she became the only Oscar winner of Russian origin. This was reported by the portal “Kinoafisha”. The actress received a prestigious award for her role as Madame Hortense in the film Zorba … Read more