The Public Chamber explained why it is necessary to exempt media journalists who are not included in the list of backbone organizations from mobilization

The appeal of journalists from patriotic media that are not included in the list of backbone organizations will further lose Russia’s position in the information war. Such an opinion FAN said the first deputy chairman of the media commission of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, journalist Alexander Malkevich. .

Employees of the Bank of Russia, financial infrastructure organizations will remain working after the announcement of partial mobilization

“Those employees who are employed in critical areas will remain at their jobs so that the financial system continues to operate smoothly, people receive salaries, pensions, social benefits on time, payment cards and transfers work, new loans are issued. In general, so that the Russian the economy and people received the necessary replenishment with financial … Read more

Sociologist Grill condemned Estonia for calling to recognize LDNR as terrorist organizations

The West uses completely “Goebbels” lies and shameful double standards. This statement was made by a sociologist, publicist, public figure Philip Grill in a commentary to the international editorial board of the FAN. .

“Pseudoscience racket”: Greenpeace co-founder criticized the organization’s activities

Global Look Press / Jörg Carstensen / dpa Washington, 17 October. “Greenpeace” has nothing to do with environmental activities and is engaged in “trade in pseudoscience.” This was stated on FoxNews by one of the co-founders of the movement Patrick Moore. According to him, environmental movements have begun to pursue political goals that are promoted … Read more

Rogov: Main Intelligence Directorate and Security Council of Ukraine should be recognized as terrorist organizations

prt scr Puchkov The Security Service and the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine should be recognized as terrorist organizations. This statement was made by the chairman of the movement “We are with Russia” Vladimir Rogov on the air of “Radio KP”. According to him, this must be done because of the terrorist attacks and … Read more

Why it is necessary to recognize the SBU and the Armed Forces of Ukraine as terrorist organizations, will be discussed in the “Patriot”

Are the SBU and the Armed Forces of Ukraine terrorist organizations? What will change the recognition of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Security Service as terrorist organizations? Is it necessary to respond to Kyiv with its own methods? Why in Kyiv, Nikolaev, in Lvov and Odessa are still running water supply and power … Read more

Preferential loans make it easier for IT // But this will not solve problems on the side of banks

The Ministry of Digital Development proposes to simplify the possibility of obtaining preferential loans for digital transformation projects. The office of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko notes the high demand for the support program and believes that the changes will make it available to a larger number of accredited IT companies. At the same time, … Read more

Increase in global balances // IMF predicts growth in global surpluses and deficits

Rising energy prices and the conflict in Ukraine will further increase the global current account balance this year to $3.9 trillion (3.8% of global GDP), according to a new report from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). An excess of global volume of deficits and surpluses, according to the organization, can increase protectionism and increase trade … Read more