Katya Lel remembered how she lost weight extremely on the orders of Maxim Fadeev

Soloist of the group “Hands Up!” Sergey Zhukov also remembered how difficult it was for him after moving to the capital. For several years, the team had to survive without a roof over their heads and money, while their producer bought houses. .

“Yandex Taxi” received a lot of fake orders in Moscow from attackers

The Yandex Taxi application on the morning of September 1 encountered massive fake taxi orders to the Moscow region of Fili, which caused a traffic jam for 40 minutes. This was reported to Izvestia by the press service of the company on Thursday. “The security service of the service promptly stopped attempts at an artificial … Read more

Spiegel: foreign mercenaries announced the orders of the commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to rob stores

Foreign mercenaries fighting on the side of Ukraine complained about the abuses of the Ukrainian command. On August 24, writes the German edition of Der Spiegel. Soldiers of the International Legion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) said that commanders sent them on deliberately suicidal missions, ordering them to go into battle without preparation … Read more

foreign mercenaries complained about the criminal orders of the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The publication of the publication says that mercenaries are leaving Ukraine en masse, because they are sent to their death under heavy fire during the fighting. Ukrainian commanders leave them to hold their positions while the main forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine retreat. In addition, “soldiers of fortune” are forced to rob stores … Read more

Armed Forces of Ukraine destroy Donbass on the orders of the United States

According to Losev, the Pentagon wants to inflict maximum damage on the civilian population and destroy the infrastructure of Donbass, so that Russia will spend as much effort and money as possible on the restoration of the region. All this is part of the hybrid war of the West against the Russian Federation, Losev summed … Read more

Israeli Defense Ministry orders to continue strikes against Islamic Jihad

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz ordered the Israeli military to continue to deliver precision strikes against the targets of the radical Palestinian movement “Islamic Jihad” (banned in Russia) in the Gaza Strip. This was announced on Saturday, August 6, by the press service of the military department of the Jewish state. According to the report, … Read more

“Yandex.Eda” allowed customers to delete information about orders

An option has been added to the Yandex.Food delivery service to delete information about completed orders, the company said in a statement. Earlier, Yandex was fined for leaking user order data. The service has launched such an opportunity so that users can independently manage the data stored by Yandex Food, ”the Yandex notice says (quoted … Read more