Laboratory module “Wentian” docked with China’s orbital station

The laboratory module “Wentian” on Monday, July 25, docked with the Chinese orbital station. The online broadcast was conducted by the CGTN TV channel. The Long March-5B Y3 rocket launched at 14:22 Beijing time (09:22 Moscow time) from the Wenchang Cosmodrome in Hainan Province in southern China. Approximately eight minutes later, the laboratory module separated … Read more

It became known what ROS will look like – an orbital outpost of Russia

Roskosmos and RSC Energia have signed a contract for the development of a draft design of the ROS (Russian Orbital Station). Dmitry Rogozin, announcing this important stage in the creation of the Russian orbital outpost, showed what the future station might look like. Sketches appeared on the Roscosmos website. According to the public procurement portal, … Read more

Roskosmos will develop its own orbital meteorological group

Moscow, March 4. The state corporation “Roskosmos” will begin to develop orbital meteorological groups due to the possible disconnection of the Russian Federation from Western meteorological satellites. This was reported by the press service of the organization. The RIA Novosti publication noted that at the moment the orbital constellation consists of six meteorological satellites. The … Read more