Prospects and Opportunities for a New Multipolar World Discussed at WEF-2022

The experts discussed the effect of the inevitable shift of the center of economic development and forces towards Asia, trying to answer the question: “What will Russia do and what place will the Far East occupy in this new world?” Tectonic changes in the architecture of international relations create a new reality. In the emerging … Read more

The Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus pointed to the opportunities that have opened up in Europe due to the energy crisis

He recalled that Belarus produces a huge amount of woodworking products. According to Parkhomchik, against the backdrop of the observed energy crisis, Minsk may start supplying this product to Europe for heating. The deputy prime minister spoke about this on the air of the ONT TV channel. .

how not to pass by new opportunities

However, according to her, because of the retrograde movement of Mercury from September 10 to October 2, you should be careful. Under these conditions, there is a great risk of being careless. As a result, this can lead to errors in documents and excessive pickiness on the part of management. Also during this period it … Read more

The United States will continue to look for opportunities to increase LNG supplies to Europe

However, Washington needs to do “additional work” in this direction, she said. The United States will continue to look for ways to increase supplies of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe while seeking to reduce its dependence on Russian gas imports, a White House official said. .

Enforcement of government contracts will be crushed by the ceiling // The Ministry of Finance proposes to reduce it for state construction projects

As part of state construction contracts, the Ministry of Finance proposes to reduce the maximum amount of security for their execution. Thus, its amount may be limited to 15% of the cost for contracts more than 1 billion rubles. and 20% for contracts of lower amounts – it is now not uncommon for contractors to … Read more

The well-being figure // Experts compared the online skills of Russians and residents of OECD countries

The conditions created in the Russian Federation for enjoying the benefits of digitalization are generally comparable to those in the OECD countries, there is a lag in a number of parameters, but it is insignificant. Experts from the HSE Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge (ISSEK) came to this conclusion after comparing Russian … Read more

Tens of millions of savings and new opportunities in the markets – Shmygal on transport visa-free with the EU

Tens of millions of savings and new opportunities in the markets – Shmygal on transport visa-free with the EU 06/29/2022 19:08 Ukrinform The agreement on transport visa-free travel signed with the European Union will save Ukrainian businesses tens of millions of dollars and open up wide opportunities for Ukrainian products in European markets. According to … Read more

SMEs are blowing out of the “window of opportunity” // SME activity continues to fall

Despite the declarations of the authorities and business associations about the opening of a “window of opportunity” for business after the departure of foreign competitors, in reality, only a third of entrepreneurs in the SME sector are considering the possibility of entering new niches. The implementation of this strategy is hampered by a lack of … Read more