Ibragimov spoke about the conflict with the future opponent Elbaev

On the eve of the fight with pop MMA star Daniyal Elbaev, mixed martial arts fighter Khadis Ibragimov told Izvestia on September 10 about the conflict that he had with his opponent in 2021. According to him, in 2021, Elbaev, under one of his posts on Instagram (belongs to the Meta organization, recognized as extremist … Read more

Sasha Stone called his opponent in the upcoming fight Kovalenko a “collective farmer”

On the eve of the upcoming fight with Svyatoslav Kovalenko, Russian video blogger and mixed martial arts fighter Sasha Stone organized an open training session at the Luzhniki large sports arena, where he called his opponent a “collective farmer”. Stone and Kovalenko will meet on August 5 at the REN TV Fight Club ring. “A … Read more

A participant in a fight in the Moscow metro was detained for causing grievous harm to an opponent

Moscow law enforcement officials have detained a man suspected of beating a metro passenger. According to law enforcement officers, the victim received a fractured jaw and a bruise of the brain from the attacker’s blows, the Moscow Interior Ministry said on Wednesday. .

Investigative Committee opened a case against an Orenburger who shot an opponent near a garage in Buzuluk

pxhere.com A showdown in the Orenburg city of Buzuluk ended in a murder. The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against a 54-year-old citizen. Near the garage cooperative, the suspect had a conflict with two victims, aged 30 and 59. The alleged perpetrator of the quarrel is the defendant. The attacker quickly went home for … Read more

The driver of the partner Garik Kharlamov hit the opponent with three bullets

First interview since the high-profile shooting incident. 36-year-old Roman Toporkov, a participant in the conflict in the village of Razdory near Moscow, tells in detail what caused the strife and why he had to take up a gun. He says he was afraid for his life. “If there were no traumatic weapons, well, I don’t … Read more

Lukashenka’s opponent hit him in the face with a stick during an amateur hockey match

Lukashenka took part in the final match of the Republican amateur competition. The head of state was in control of the puck when the opponent number seven hit him in the face with a stick. The President of Belarus immediately went to the stands, where he was provided with medical assistance, according to the Pool … Read more

McGregor named his preferred opponent for UFC title fight

Irish fighter Conor McGregor has named his preferred opponent for the title fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He stated this in an interview published on Friday, March 18, on The MacLife YouTube channel. The athlete said that he wants to fight the American Kamaru Usman next. “I will feel very confident in a … Read more

Biden told how he threw the corpse of an animal to his opponent

The President of the United States made an unexpected confession, reports the channel “Russia 24”. Joe Biden told how, while working in his native state of Delaware, he threw the corpse of a dog on the threshold of the house of a supporter of the Republicans. Here’s some weird humor. “One night I got a … Read more

Fighter Davudov spoke about his opponent before the fight at the Top Dog tournament

Kickboxer Naim Davudov, nicknamed Samurai, will fight freestyle wrestler Rustam Mukhitdinov (Asteroid) at the upcoming Top Dog (TDFC X) bare-fisted tournament. On September 24, the fighter shared his opinion about the opponent with REN TV and told how his nickname appeared. “I don’t know why everyone thinks that if I challenged him, I’ll win. If … Read more