Clothes dryers have become the leader in the ranking of the most energy-intensive household appliances Dryers can consume five kilowatts per cycle, making them the most energy-intensive type of household appliance. This opinion in an interview with RIA Novosti was expressed by an expert in the selection of household appliances Roman Chetvertnykh. The specialist emphasizes that buying a dryer can result in high energy bills. According to him, the … Read more

Became known the reason for the appearance of a terrible bruise on the hand of the late Elizabeth II

The hematoma on the arm, the specialist is sure, is explained by the age of Elizabeth. For example, blood could be taken from a vein in her hand, since it is no longer possible to carry out this procedure in the cubital fossa. Or the queen was given injections of some drugs, reports Popcornnews. .

EU countries divided in opinion on the issue of limiting prices for Russian gas

The proposal to limit prices for Russian gas did not receive the support of most EU countries. The energy ministers of the states, who discussed this issue on September 9, were divided in opinion, Reuters reported. According to the agency, the Baltic countries are among those who support this idea. At the same time, the … Read more

Ugra officials caught paying 8.5 million rubles for non-existent opinion polls

In the course of the prosecutor’s check, it turned out that the officials had concluded an agreement with the IRT, Constant LLC company to conduct sociological surveys. Although no one conducted them, the head of the department of architecture and urban planning confirmed the fulfillment of the contract in the amount of 8.6 million rubles, … Read more

analyst Bredikhin assessed the opinion of the Global Times about the US gain from the energy crisis in Europe

In conversation with FAN theses Chinese state edition commented political scientist, candidate of historical sciences, scientific director of the ANO for socio-economic and political consulting “Center for Ethnic and International Studies”, editor-in-chief of the magazine “Archon” Anton Bredikhin. .

Political scientist Bondarenko explained Germany’s reluctance to launch Nord Stream 2

Bondarenko added that Scholz did not want to face criticism if he stepped over himself to save Germany. The expert hopes that the authorities will come to their senses. Otherwise, protests await Europe. .

Pope Francis supported Russia’s opinion on Ukraine

Fiona Hill, adviser to former US President Donald Trump on Russia, and Angela Stent, professor at Georgetown University, point out in the material that the Kremlin’s position is that the United States and other Western countries are waging a proxy war in Ukraine. According to him, the religious leader of the Catholics agrees with this … Read more