Zakharova spoke about the ongoing shelling of the ZNPP from Kyiv

According to the diplomat, the dangerous provocations of Ukrainian militants against the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant are a “monstrous story.” Zakharova reminded Kyiv that ZNPP is a large power plant. However, Kyiv continues to shell it, despite the risk of a large-scale man-made disaster in the region. The corresponding video was published on Zakharova’s Telegram … Read more

Russia called on the UN to condemn the ongoing attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant

Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Security Council Vasily Nebenzya said that Russia calls on the UN leadership to condemn the ongoing attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. He added that the IAEA mission had a full opportunity to verify from which side the attacks on the power … Read more

Control and supervision will be recalculated before autumn // Mandatory requirements are promised an additional test for effectiveness

The White House has until September 1 to revise the lists of mandatory business requirements, which should come into force before the end of 2024. Additional expertise was required in connection with attempts to reduce administrative pressure on entrepreneurs in the face of sanctions due to the military operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine … Read more

Industry sentiment confuses analysts // Monitoring of market conditions

In the current issue of the Commentaries on Government and Business bulletin, analysts from the HSE Development Center (CR) examine the results of market surveys by Rosstat of industrialists in June 2022 (see chart). Against the backdrop of a recession in the sector (caused by both supply and demand factors), depletion of stocks and expectations … Read more

Apartments set to decline // Prices in the secondary market are slowly declining

Continued growth in exposure in the face of limited demand from buyers contributes to the continued decline in average prices for resale properties. Potential buyers are not in a hurry to make deals, preferring only to inspect apartments for sale. In the short term, the situation is unlikely to change dramatically, point out analysts who … Read more

The bottom of the fall is not yet visible // Monitoring of the conjuncture

In May 2022, the composite leading index (SRI, an indicator of economic activity calculated by the HSE Development Center) was minus 1.2%. For the second month in a row, its value is in the negative area. In May, however, a weak growth of the indicator was recorded after the April failure (see chart). The main … Read more

It didn’t get worse – and that’s good // Monitoring of business activity

A business climate study conducted by the RSPP on a monthly basis shows that three months after the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine and the sanctions that followed it, Russian business began to adapt to the new reality. In May, the business environment index rose to 36.6 points from 32 points in … Read more

Europeans risk being left without beer due to ongoing energy crisis A sharp rise in energy prices in Europe could develop into a beer crisis. Many manufacturers are forced to look for cheaper packaging and increase the cost of production, Izvestia writes. The shortage of glass containers was reported by the Scottish company Dunns Food and Drinks. Many manufacturers are switching to aluminum cans. But … Read more

Running along the barriers // Difficult trajectories of integration into the EAEU were discussed in Bishkek

The Eurasian Economic Forum, held on Thursday, May 26, in Bishkek, became a platform for public discussion of the prospects for integration of the EAEU countries in the face of a noticeably complicated geopolitical situation. Calls for industrial cooperation for the sake of import substitution were heard at the meeting along with the recognition of … Read more