Long-term construction keep building // The government is preparing to include them in the register

The White House is beginning to form a unified register of construction in progress, which are being built at the expense of budgetary funds – so far, the authorities have identified a list of 2.5 thousand objects in a high degree of readiness in the amount of 500 billion rubles, which are planned to be … Read more

In line for labor productivity // The government softens the conditions for participation in the national project

The White House intends to expand the national project to increase labor productivity, allowing enterprises from any industries to participate in it in a special order. The government expects that if sectoral restrictions are abandoned, companies of the same production chain will be able to enter the national project – increasing labor productivity at all … Read more

The Ministry of Bank has risen in price by 35 billion rubles // The cost of reorganization of the Central Bank hopes to compensate through the court

The Ministry of Bank, which is undergoing reorganization, will receive another 35 billion rubles in capital. Additional capitalization of the bank is required in order to stop the “old” risks and subsequently transfer it to Promsvyazbank. The total cost of saving the Minbank reached 164 billion rubles. At the same time, as in the case … Read more

Limits are removed for state contracts // The Ministry of Construction simplifies the mechanism for reviewing the cost of construction

The mechanism for increasing the cost of state construction contracts is proposed to be simplified and expanded: the Ministry of Construction is preparing changes that suggest the possibility of their rise in price by more than 30% now allowed, as well as the option of repeated revision in a simplified manner without passing the state … Read more

The government added to the roads

The White House allocated 120 billion rubles from its reserve fund. for road construction in 2022. As follows from the government decree published yesterday, most of these funds, 86 billion rubles, will be used to repair and modernize more than 2.5 thousand km of roads of the regional network in 63 regions of the Russian … Read more

Officials do not get in touch // The Ministry of Digital Transformation revealed the most violations of the law on gray SIM cards in the public sector

The Ministry of Digital Transformation instructed mobile operators to start disconnecting corporate subscribers from the public sector from communication services due to violations of the law on gray SIM cards. In accordance with it, corporate subscribers had to enter information about the end users of SIM cards into the Unified Identification and Authentication System (ESIA) … Read more

Borrell: ruble resists sanctions well

The Russian ruble resists Western sanctions well, said Josep Borrell, head of European diplomacy. The sanctions were imposed in response to the Russian military operation in Ukraine. The European Union (EU) plans to tighten them. Mr. Borrell said in an interview with the COPE radio station that the measures taken by the EU have not … Read more

Sanctions will write off everything // Non-fulfilment of agreements may become unpunished

A draft law has been submitted to the State Duma on a temporary procedure for facilitating the withdrawal of parties from agreements and on the possibility of freezing obligations under them due to sanctions. It is established that the counterparty, unable for this reason to fulfill its obligations, may be released from liability, for example, … Read more