Volatility and a combination of factors: economist Bagamanov on what oil prices are subject to

Federal news agency Today, oil prices fluctuate between rising and falling. The current picture on the market is described by the analyst of the publication “Economy Today” Alexander Bagmanov. “According to the results of trading yesterday, September 29, oil prices did not change significantly, falling slightly by 0.8%, and in fact they traded just below … Read more

Analyst Bagmanov said that he could increase oil prices

Against this background, everyone expects a recession in the world economy, the economy of America and Europe and, accordingly, a fall in demand for oil, Bagmanov states. There are fears that demand will also be low in China, where industrial activity is slowing down amid lockdowns, which, however, are beginning to be lifted. .

The EU failed to agree on a “price ceiling” for Russian oil

Source: Lev Radin/Global Look Press Brussels, 26 September. EU countries may delay the signing of an agreement on the introduction of price restrictions on Russian oil due to disagreements on this issue. This is reported by Bloomberg, citing sources. Cyprus and Hungary are among the states that opposed the proposal for a price cap, which … Read more

stock analysts explained what is holding prices back today

But at the same time, he elaborates, it was announced yesterday in the United States that the Department of Energy will sell an additional 10 million barrels from strategic reserves in November, as a proposal ends in October at the initiative of US President Joe Biden to release 180 million barrels from the strategic reserve … Read more

Russia asks India to abandon cap oil prices in exchange for a discount

However, as FAN’s interlocutor noted, despite the fact that it is not known on what volumes and indicators we will give a discount – better than Iraq or better than we previously gave. Nevertheless, there is logic in this. Russia needs to win over to its side the countries that are pulling into this G7 … Read more

Washington saw the risks of a winter surge in oil prices due to sanctions against Russia

According to her, in winter, the EU stops buying most of the Russian oil and prohibits the provision of services related to its transportation by sea. This can lead to the possibility that the situation will lead to a jump in oil prices. .

The speaker of the State Duma announced the recognition by the “Big Seven” of the failure of anti-Russian sanctions

globallookpress/State Duma Russia Western countries de facto recognize the ineffectiveness of their own sanctions, Russian State Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin wrote on his Telegram channel. “By their decision to introduce a “ceiling” on prices for Russian oil and gas, the G7 states recognize the ineffectiveness of the sanctions previously imposed against Russia. Washington and Brussels … Read more