Kommersant announced an offer to airlines to buy aircraft from lessors

The Ministry of Transport of Russia offered domestic air carriers to buy out aircraft leased from foreign companies at the expense of the National Welfare Fund (NWF). This was reported on September 14 by Kommersant with reference to a corresponding letter from the department. According to the publication, on August 30, the Ministry of Transport … Read more

Hurriyet: Erdogan will again offer Putin to negotiate with Zelensky

globallookpress.com/xinhua Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan intends to once again invite his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to meet with Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky, Hurriyet reports. According to journalists, the main topic of the meeting of the heads of state in Samarkand will be the situation in Ukraine. The Turkish leader will convey the idea that … Read more

Speculators offer to buy a Tinder subscription at three times the price of a regular one

The demand for the service is due to the fact that the application does not allow Russian users to officially renew their subscription. The authors of such ads claim that they are trading with promotional codes provided by the platform itself, and thus they do not violate the law. .

hackers offer to buy access to carsharing cars

According to the expert, the hackers published an ad on the Darknet offering to buy an administrator account of one of the per-minute car rental services. According to the description, the buyer will be able to exercise control over several cars, including see their geolocation, open and close doors, and start and turn off vehicles. … Read more

Journalist Savchuk reported on the “generous” offer of the West for Russia on the Zaporizhzhya NPP

Earlier it became known about the increased shelling of nuclear power plants in Zaporozhye. Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the incident with French leader Emmanuel Macron. The heads of state came to the conclusion about the need for the work of the IAEA mission at the station. .

Russian blogger explained why the people of Thailand offer tourists fried beetles

The tourist stressed that the vast majority of Thais eat ordinary meat, rice, vegetables and noodles, while fried insects are not part of their standard diet. In his opinion, the Thais use a myth that has become entrenched among travelers. .

Erdogan during a meeting with Zelensky wants to offer him to organize a meeting with Putin

globallookpress.com/xinhua It became known about a possible proposal of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky during negotiations in Lviv. This is reported by the media, citing sources familiar with the situation. According to the informant, it will be about organizing a meeting between Zelensky and Russian head of state Vladimir … Read more

Erdogan and Guterres may offer Kyiv a ceasefire and abandonment of the south

Negotiations between Zelensky, Erdogan and Guterres are to be held on August 18 in Lvov. Arestovich stressed that he was afraid even to reproduce the president’s response to such an initiative. According to him, the Ukrainian leader will refuse any peace proposal. .