Climate without a budget is money down the drain // RSPP published its position on carbon regulation

RSPP has published a new position on climate policy in the Russian Federation. Industrialists, in particular, do not rule out the possibility of introducing additional carbon regulation for certain industries, including for the purposes of offsetting in EU cross-border carbon regulation payments. De facto, this is a recognition that the “price of carbon” in Russia … Read more

In Russia, mortality decreased by 16% in December

In December, the death rate fell by 16.4% compared to November, said Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova during a meeting of the president with members of the government. In ten days in January, the mortality rate decreased by 24.5% against the same period in December, she added. Mrs. Golikova did not name the number … Read more

The World Bank predicts a slowdown in Russia’s GDP growth in 2022

Russia’s GDP growth in 2022 will slow down to 2.4%, and in the next – to 1.8%. This is stated in the report of the World Bank (WB) “World Economic Outlook” (.pdf). “In the Russian Federation, the economy of which is the largest in the region, in 2022 economic growth is expected to slow down … Read more

Security Council discusses the socio-economic situation in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin is holding an operational meeting with permanent members of the Russian Security Council. During the meeting, Mr. Putin asked his assistant Maxim Oreshkin to report on the situation in the socio-economic sphere. “On this issue, I would like to ask a colleague, my assistant Oreshkin, who was invited to our event, … Read more

Crypto exchange Binance announced appointments in Russia and Ukraine

The world’s largest crypto exchange Binance has expanded its presence in Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe through a number of new appointments. Olga Goncharova will take the position of GR Director in Russia and the CIS, and Vladimir Smerkis will take the position of Binance Director in Russia. In addition, Kirill Khomyakov was appointed general … Read more

RAS economist urged not to be afraid of the introduction of food ration cards in Russia

In Russia, it may become necessary to introduce food ration cards for low-income Russians against the backdrop of rising food prices, says Ruslan Grinberg, economist and scientific director of the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. However, in his opinion, this practice is used in many countries, and one should not be … Read more

The Central Bank assesses the price of payments // The regulator requested information on tariffs from market players

The Bank of Russia asked the international payment systems (MPS) to disclose the principles of the formation of their system and the dynamics of pricing in the Russian market. A number of players interpret the Central Bank’s request as a continuation of work on the idea of ​​regulating tariffs for the Ministry of Railways. Others … Read more

The Central Bank changes dollars for euros // Monitoring of reserves

Over the year from July 2020 to July 2021, the share of dollar-denominated assets of the Bank of Russia in the structure of gold and foreign exchange reserves decreased significantly again: from 22.2% to 16.4%, directly American assets (geographically linked to the United States) – from 7.1% to 6 , 6%. This follows from the … Read more

Greening according to the rules // Yuri Barsukov on what he likes the new EU regulation

While in Russia, on December 31, citizens were slicing Olivier and opening champagne, officials of the European Commission were in a hurry to complete the draft of a new regulation, which should determine which sources of electricity in the EU will be considered green and will have the right to continue life. The document was … Read more