The media found out the identity of the pilot of the plane crashed in North Ossetia

According to the publication, Kudakov served as general director of the Cossack Patrol private security company. Previously, he was the head of the food department of the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It was he who was at the controls of the crashed plane. .

Russian biathlete Plitsev denied rumors about the transition to the national team of North Macedonia

Two-time world champion in biathlon among juniors Viktor Plitsev said that the information about his transfer to the national team of North Macedonia is not true. The words of the 27-year-old athlete are quoted by Metaratings. .

South Korea confirms North Korea’s launch of a ballistic missile into the Sea of ​​Japan

Global Look Press | Benoit Doppagne/ South Korean soldiers spotted a missile launch from North Korea. This information was reported by the Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea. The launch was seen on November 17 at approximately 10:48 (04:48 Moscow time). North Korea fired one short-range ballistic missile towards the Sea of ​​Japan. “Our … Read more

The head of Novaya Kakhovka said there was no threat to the operation of the North Crimean Canal

The channel is built in such a way that water flows by gravity to the Crimea due to the height difference, the source said. The North Crimean Canal was built in 1963. Under the USSR, Crimea received three billion cubic meters of water annually through it. In April 2014, Ukraine blocked the structure. During the … Read more

The authorities of Nova Kakhovka reported no threat to the North Crimean Canal

In the event of the destruction of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station, the entire canal may be in jeopardy. As Leontiev noted, if the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to attack the hydroelectric power station, Novaya Kakhovka itself may sink under water. However, now there is no reason to worry, RIA Novosti reports. .

Grigory Leps and the stars of “Russian Radio” gave a concert in Lugansk

The heroes of the occasion were congratulated from the Leps stage, and the stars of Russian Radio – TV presenter Elena Sever, music artist YurKiss and singer VladyMir. The artists not only sang their best hits in front of the audience, but also brought humanitarian aid to Lugansk for the Luhansk Perinatal Center and the … Read more

Russia’s contacts with Iran, North Korea and China make the West nervous

As they say, let them say what they want. Even if there are no public alliances between Iran, North Korea and Russia, we can see with our own eyes that states persecuted by Western sanctions, voluntarily or involuntarily, begin to draw closer in a common struggle against the world hegemon. China’s non-participation in this game … Read more

Russian Ambassador to Pyongyang calls US claims about North Korea supplying ammunition to Russia a lie

“This is not true from beginning to end. Another State Department fake. Moreover, the Americans themselves understand that this whole story is sewn with white thread, but all the same, they replicate it with persistence worthy of another use. We have already officially refuted American speculation, and Pyongyang has come out with a statement on … Read more