US aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan returns to Sea of ​​Japan after North Korean missile launch

The American nuclear aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan will return to the Sea of ​​Japan amid North Korean missile launches. On Wednesday, October 5, the Yonhap agency reports, citing the South Korean military. A US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier will be redeployed to waters east of South Korea as a sign of Allied readiness to counter North … Read more

Denmark announces drone activity near gas fields in the North Sea

Unauthorized activity of unidentified drones has been recorded near gas fields in the North Sea, the Danish publication Berlingske reported on October 4. The first time the drone was seen near the Halfdan B gas field, the second time the activity was recorded near the Roar field. The Danish National Police confirmed this information. “National … Read more

China’s subtle game behind North Korea’s recognition of referendum results

As Zavolsky noted, North Korea — clear satellite of China. Beijing itself is in no hurry to recognize the expansion of Russia, but, probably, with the help of the maneuvers of the North Korean regime, it is trying to tie Moscow more tightly to itself. .

Japanese government secretary general Matsuno: North Korean missile flew about 4,600 kilometers

The missile fired by the DPRK covered a distance of about 4,600 km, reaching a maximum flight altitude of 1,000 km. This was announced on October 4 by Hirokazu Matsuno, Secretary General of the Government of Japan, stating a serious threat to the country’s security. “North Korea launched one ballistic missile that flew over the … Read more

North Korean missile flew over Japan towards the Pacific Ocean A missile launched by North Korea flew over Japan towards the Pacific Ocean. Currently, the projectile has fallen, as reported by the Japanese Coast Guard. The exact location of the missile’s fall has not yet been specified. The Japanese side urged ships in the region not to approach rocket debris if they are found. … Read more

Britain to speed up issuance of licenses for gas production in the North Sea

Britain to speed up issuance of licenses for the development of new gas fields in the North Sea © RIA Novosti / Alex McNaughton / Go to media bankBritish flag in front of the Palace of Westminster in London © RIA Novosti / Alex McNaughton Go to media bank The flag of Great Britain against … Read more

False call: is the KHL facing a mass exodus of North Americans | Articles

The Continental Hockey League (KHL) is faced with the threat of the departure of North American players. On September 28, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Canada and the United States recommended that their compatriots leave the territory of Russia and Belarus. We are talking primarily about those who have dual citizenship – according to … Read more