Parliament of Canada will increase the number of hearings on turbines for Nord Stream

Recall that the export of “blue fuel” through the Russian pipeline “Nord Stream” has been suspended since the end of August. The object was frozen as part of a scheduled repair, in which Siemens is to participate. However, restrictions do not allow Canadian specialists to join the work. .

Bloomberg: Berlin plans to nationalize three gas companies

Federal news agency The German government has almost agreed on the nationalization of the gas companies Uniper, VNG AG and Securing Energy for Europe GmbH. Material on this topic was published by Bloomberg, citing anonymous interlocutors. “Germany is in the late stages of negotiations to acquire Uniper SE and two other major gas importers as … Read more

Russian Ambassador Nechaev Points out Siemens’ Unacceptable Approach to Nord Stream Turbines

The actions of the subsidiaries of the German company Siemens in relation to the repair and maintenance of turbines for the Nord Stream gas pipeline cannot be considered acceptable, said Russian Ambassador to Berlin Sergey Nechaev. .

SP: The European Union is trying to mitigate the consequences of the “gas strike” of Russia with the help of ultimatums The European Union, with the help of ultimatums, is trying to mitigate the consequences of the “gas blow” that was inflicted on the West by stopping the Nord Stream. Such conclusions were made by the journalist Igor Moiseev. It should be reminded that gas deliveries to Europe via the SP pipeline were terminated on … Read more

“The crisis will be serious”: analyst Razuvaev on an article in Forbes about the consequences of stopping Nord Stream Zinken/dpa The economies of European countries are facing serious difficulties after a sharp drop in Russian gas exports via Nord Stream. This thesis was made by the Forbes columnist Sal Gilberti. At the same time, he notes that since Germany is the largest economy in Europe and the fourth largest in the world, it … Read more

Gazprom supplies OMV with only a third of the gas ordered by Austria

Since mid-June, Nord Stream has operated with restrictions, and since the end of July, only 20% of the throughput capacity, which is almost 170 million cubic meters per day, has passed through the highway. This was caused by the sanctions, which provoked problems with the maintenance and repair of gas compressor turbines. .