Fake saury surfaced in the networks // The volume of fake canned food is growing

The fall in incomes of the population provoked the growth of counterfeit canned fish, which are sold in retail in millions of cans. Some producers under the guise of expensive saury sell, for example, cheap sardines. But, despite the existing system “Mercury”, which allows to identify substitution, regulators under current regulations cannot withdraw such products … Read more

The Finnish Foreign Ministry has proposed violating EU norms and canceling visas issued to Russians

The head of the consular department of the Finnish Foreign Ministry, Jussi Tanner, proposed six options for limiting tourism from Russia. This was announced on July 28 by the Finnish public broadcasting corporation YLE. The first option is called the complete cessation of issuing visas for Russians, which is prohibited by EU laws and the … Read more

Industrial activity has renewed the minimum of the sanctions crisis // Monitoring of the conjuncture

The first leading indicators of the state of the industry record a noticeable decline in business activity in the sector in July 2022. The Gaidar Institute Industrial Optimism Index (IEP), as of July 14, fell by another five points, updating the low of the current crisis and falling below the March 2022 level. The deterioration … Read more

The industry does not plan to increase output // Monitoring of the market situation

The first estimates of the state of affairs in the industry in June (as of June 21) indicate a deterioration in business activity in the sector. The Gaidar Institute’s industrial optimism index, after rebounding in April and stabilizing in May, has actually returned to its lowest levels since April 2020 in March 2022. The reasons … Read more

“We would like to stop the process of introducing temporary norms” // Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Lavrov on the prospects for regulating contractual relations

About how the state order market has changed under the influence of sanctions and temporary relief for customers and suppliers, how budget restrictions encourage departments to optimize procurement, and the Ministry of Finance is looking for a balance between the efficiency of government spending and maintaining active counterparties, in an interview with Kommersant, Deputy Finance … Read more

Land and the Norm // Lease of the state plot showed intransigence

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation (SC) will clarify the uncertainty that has arisen due to the conflict between the norms of the Land and Civil Codes. The first allows the tenant to transfer his rights to a long-term lease of state land, the second puts a strict prohibition on the concession if the … Read more