The Government of the Russian Federation will allocate more than 10 billion rubles. to support non-working pensioners in the regions

To support non-working pensioners whose income is below the subsistence level, the government will send more than 10 billion rubles to the regions. This was stated by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin at a government meeting today, July 28, a video of his speech was published on the government’s Telegram channel. “Today we will allocate … Read more

The Cabinet of Ministers will allocate more than 10 billion rubles to non-working pensioners

The Government of the Russian Federation will send more than 10 billion rubles to the regions for additional payments to non-working pensioners whose income is below the subsistence level. This was announced on July 28 by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. “Let’s start with a question that concerns the fulfillment of social obligations to citizens. … Read more

pensions of non-working pensioners can grow to 24.5 thousand rubles by 2025

From January 1, 2024, insurance pensions will be indexed by 6.1% to an average annual amount of 23,390 rubles. Indexation from February 1, 2025 will be 4%, and from April 1, 2025 – 3.6%. As a result, the average annual pension will reach 24,477 rubles, RBC reports. .

Russian authorities will support non-working pensioners with a one-time payment in June

Federal News Agency / Stepan Yatsko Non-working pensioners who find themselves in a difficult situation can count on help from the state, said pension expert Sergei Vlasov. According to him, in June this year, a certain category of citizens will receive a one-time payment of 10,000 rubles. “In addition to those support measures that are … Read more

The Pension Fund of the Russian Federation launched the payment of benefits increased by 10% for non-working pensioners

Since June 1, Russia has increased the minimum wage (minimum wage), the subsistence minimum and pensions of non-working pensioners by 10%. Now the amount of the minimum wage will be 15,279 rubles, the cost of living will reach an average of 13,919 rubles. Pensions of non-working elderly Russians will rise to 19,360 rubles on average. … Read more

Asked to pay for ApplePay // Buyers of iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac demand compensation for non-working app

Twenty buyers of Apple technology require compensation from the company for non-pecuniary damage in the amount of 10 thousand rubles. for each, as well as a “proportionate reduction in the cost” of goods due to the fact that ApplePay no longer works on them. Lawyers were divided on the success of the lawsuit. Some emphasize … Read more

Pensions of non-working pensioners in Russia indexed to 18,521 rubles

From January 1, 2022, the insurance pensions of non-working pensioners have been indexed by 5.9%, their size will be 18,521 rubles. The changes will affect 30.78 million people. The PFR’s expenses on the payment of all insurance pensions, including old-age pensions, will amount to 8.1 trillion rubles. in 2022. Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin, during … Read more

Business was given vacation pay // The Ministry of Economy reported on support measures linked to the non-working week

The government yesterday reported on the interim results of a new stage of business support, launched in connection with the announcement of a non-working week in late October – early November this year. According to the Ministry of Economy, within the framework of grant support, businesses have already received 24 billion rubles. out of 38 … Read more

During non-working days, Russians’ spending on alcohol almost doubled

Russian spending on alcohol during non-working days increased by 78% compared to the same period in 2020. Analysts of the operator of fiscal data studied the data of checks in monetary terms from October 28 to November 7 this year. This was reported by the RIA Novosti agency. …